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It's Monday....

on the week before vacation. :sigh: Gonna be a LONG week, I think.....

Had clouds roll thru last night....lots of thunder, but no rain. :boo: We did swim, though - it was pleasant, but rain would have been even better.

Finn is haltered again - I went out about noon yesterday with the halter; after about 30 minutes he deicided it wasn't worth moving in the heat, and let me slip it on. I was in my swimsuit, so the heat wasn't too bad....if 103* can be considered "not too bad". :grin: Need to try and call the vet today or tomorrow to set up an appointment next week.....:whistles:

Demolded all 3 soaps yesterday....wait, 4. There was a shampoo bar in there, too. The 'poo bar "mushroomed" in the mold - weirdest thing, it looked like it was growing something. The soaps took a bit to get out - all 3 molds have been siliconed; the one I did before assembly was the easiest to get loose. The other 2 aren't as smooth inside.....still, the soaps came out and cut easily. They're on the rack now curing. My living room smells nice! I still need to do some whey soaps......addictive? Nah.....:lol:

Contract work today - better get cracking!
Tags: blather, pets, soap

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