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Let's see.....

1. Stuff going on at work that leads me and coworker to believe that FINALLY, it's about to end. Yes, we're both happy - while being unemployed isn't something usually wanted, in this case, it IS. We've been on tenterhooks for *over* 5 years now,'s time. We may be mis-reading the situation, but it doesn't look like it. The lack of money will suck, but the lack of stress will MORE than make up for it.

2. Goats: milk production is DOWN. Annie and Mocha are both at half their usual...I think it's the heat. It was 103* at 5:30 last night......still, we got 3/4 gallon this AM. Not too bad - if we were in this for "reals", production of this nature would suck. Since it's for home use, it's more than adequate.

2.b. They're silly critters. I was uploading something for a friend last night; while the Mac was doing it's thing, I saw Rosa at the back fence. I went out and offered her a fresh weed from the jungle that is my back yard. Oh my Gosh - I had a goat pile-up! You'd think we never fed the silly, starving things - they were FIGHTING. Over WEEDS. :lol:

3. Have I mentioned it's HOT? Yeah? OK then.....

4. Love my clothesline. I didn't get it to save the enviornment - I got it because we have HEAT, and drying my clothes for free? Can't beat that! I hung a load outside last night at 6:30. By the time I had finished hanging them, the first ones were *almost* dry. :seriously:

5. Wrist is painfully sore. Not sure what's up with that...but we ARE going to scrounge up enough to buy me a milking machine soon. This is for the birds!
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