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It's Thursday....

only 1.5 work days to go......:whee: I need some time off - the stress levels here have gone *thru the roof*...can't talk much about it, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's NOT a train, and it's closer than ever before. (As in....I think August will be the end. Seriously....I've been expecting it for *years*, and now we can see it's here. The relief will be GREAT. The lack of money in this economy, not so much - but I have things arranged that we'll be OK. :shrug: I'll get to be a SAHM, and we won't be able to do "fun" things much,'s do-able. Might have to let the Jeep go back and buy a beater - depends on the package we get...but I'm not counting on getting anything.) Note - I don't have a definate end-date, but the bank is coming in Aug 24 to discuss things...and She's already started the "too much stress, doc says to relieve it" talk. Yeah, it's almost over - FINALLY. (I've been living with this since 2004.......not knowing if you'd have a job the next month is wearying. Now, it's a HUGE relief - finally, I know it's truly almost over!)

So.....seeing it coming, Sweet Geek and I did some shuffling of plans. He got his bonus...and I've spent half of it. :lol: He bought me a milking machine this AM....and he's calling about the buck barn. That's gonna be set up for Tuesday or Thursday of next week. Finn is getting snipped Tuesday. The machine is ordered.....we need to wire the barn, but we'll make do with an extension cord for now. (Yes, we know it's not the safest thing. Money-wise, it's how it's got to be.) Instead of concrete for the milkroom floor, we're going to pull out the crushed rock and put in paving stones ($200 vs. $800+) - AND we're going to dig a drain to help with clean-up of the machine.

We'll be OK. I've been planning for joblessness for *years* - I have the bills set that my job is not necessary. Oh, it's great for doing fun stuff and buying toys and things - but we have enough stuff, and we can do fun stuff for free. I need to stock up on seeds for next year (should we be here)...but we're OK. No more eBaying or Craigslisting, but, again - we have enough stuff.

No more buying of goats - what we have is what we have. We'll breed 'em, and eat/sell the excess. Ditto chickens - while I have a job, I will be buying an incubator, heat lamp, and all the assorted chick-raising implements (along with a couple of lamb bars to raise the kids). We'll end up with Roos...but we'll deal with that when the time comes. Need a roo to replace hens, anyway.......

Yes, I'm OK with this. Yes, it's gonna be tight - but I have prepared, and am at total peace about it. Yah's been working on me on we'll be OK. I'm still uptight over the timing - I want a firm date *now* - but it's OK.

In other news, we had a near-death yesterday. The adult Ameracuna got locked in the crate with no water yesterday. She was in sad shape...but is still alive this AM (Thank you Yah!) LONG discussion with both kids on their responsiblities.....hopefully they'll take water duty more seriously now.
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