Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


It's been HOT. It was 102* when we milked last night - only because thunder-boomers were moving in. (We got NO rain.) HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. I'm ready for winter now!

Sat. we spent in the truck driving. No where in particular - we'd find a county road, and go down it. We ended up in Tyler at the "local" yarn store. (I needed 2 small circs...I started the "Chains of Love" cami from "Pure Knits". :sigh: I've started it 3 times now.....according to the measurements, I am a Large. First attempt, I went with the recommended needles.....only size 2s kill my hand. Frog it! Did a gauge swatch...I was almost perfect on size 4s (the hem is size 2; the bulk of the top is written for size 3). Did the math - on 4s, I'd be a *total* of 1" larger...since my chest is EXACTLY the measurement, with NO ease, I decided OK, this is good - size L will fit perfectly! When I switched to the 4s and held it up, it was.....large enough to fit me AND Herself. :sigh: I've started again, only using the numbers for the S. So far, the front looks like it'll fit. :bangs head:)(My gauge is NOT that far off. I'm not sure WHAT is going on here.)

Yesterday Sweet Geek made cheese, and took the kids to see Despicable Me. Me? I slept. :yawn: Still tired, but better. (They loved the movie. I loved my nap. See how that works? :lol:)

Lost a chicken to the heat. :sigh: At this rate, I'll need more replacements!

Gotta knit - I'm waiting for Himself to wake up to help me milk. Then I get to soap!
Tags: blather

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