Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy busy day...

and it's not done yet. :sigh: I need to go back to work to get any rest!

Let's up at 7 to milk. Had a quick breakfast, then decided to go out and get Finn brought up. The vet wasn't due until 11, but Sweet Geek thought I might want to start early. Smart man....getting the lead rope on him was EASY (surprise!) but.....

I caught him at 9:30. At 10, I had lost both shoes in the mud (yes, MUD. It hasn't rained *here* in....quite some time. The creek bed is about 15" deep in mud. :sigh:), lost the horse, and limped up to the house to rinse off and get another pair of shoes. (The crushed concrete? While lovely and Non-muddy, HURTS to walk barefoot on. Mesquite stickers ALSO hurt when you step on them. I'll be lucky to not get dysentry or something.)

SG brought a pair of his mud boots for me, then agreed to help. (He had been rewiring the pool plug. It needed replacing - it now works again! :whee:). We drug the damn horse back down to the edge of the pasture, went to make the turn...and I lost *both* boots. SG stopped and tied Finn to the fence to get him to calm down - the "squelk" of the mud was freaking his poor little brain. I recovered the boots (muddy feet + full of muddy water boots = DISGUSTING), and we started up the alley.

Finn Freaked, knocked SG down, and took off up the alley. At least it was the *right* way....I helped SG up, and we squelched our way up to Finn. I managed to snag the lead, and we hauled his muddy butt to the former gate post. I'm glad we left it - we tied him up to it, and I gave him a MUCH needed bath. SG went in to shower.....he came out at 10:40 and *I* got to shower. Good thing, too....

Vet arrived right on time. Finn was being an ass, so the vet took matters into his own hands. Let me say, I do NOT mind corporal punishment......Doc walloped him a couple of times with the wooden handle of his twitch. No, I wasn't upset - the stupid horse would NOT stand still, he was walking all over us (MY fault - I haven't done the ground work I should have), and he was totally showing us that HE thought he was boss. After a couple of thwacks on the forehead, he settled down....and got the happy shot. :snicker:

I managed to drag the drunken horse to the corner of the backyard fence (we did the deed in the front yard), and *down* he went. Doc and I had to sort of roll him over a bit.....then Doc tied his back leg up to the fence, and went to work. It took about 30 minutes.....I had to help hold the.......erm......."oysters" while Doc crimped and cut and tied off the vessels. :shudder: Himself and SG had to walk away. :lol:

Finn is now in with Dusty. He's NOT a happy camper...but he's too sore to do anything. I'm out $260 and a pair of shoes, but hey - I can break him to ride, now! (Best to do it while he's too sore to think about bucking. He's not a mean horse, he's just wild....I'm too old to hit the ground!)

After Doc left, we went to lunch, did some aimless driving (it's fun to pick a new road and see where you end up - we ended up in Abner today. Beautiful land, some for sale. Too bad we can't afford it!), and decided that it would be cheaper to build the buck barn ourselves. (Duh!) We've called 3 companies.....the cheapest quote WAS $900.....but when we got ahold of him again, the price had jumped to $1200. I don't think so. The next cheapest was $1100.....we bought tin, 4x4s and 2x4s, plus all the screws......for $640. It'll be delivered Thursday, so that's what we'll be doing Thursday and Friday. We gotta get the bucks moved - they're starting to stink. :ew:

Tomorrow is 6'll be fun, but tiring. I'm hoping I can swim tonight - we've had thunder-boomers threaten all week so far, but no real rain. It's threatening again...:sigh:

My machine was shipped should arrive tomorrow or Thursday. Good thing - we're gonna need it!
Tags: blather, country life, pets

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