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Hmmm....looks like working is bad for my wrist. Hurts bad today. Guess I need to take a break and quit for a while. :-)

Herself has decided she wants a hipscarf like mine, "only Pink - it must be Pink". It is extremely difficult to find an affordable Pink hip scarf........I can't see paying $40+ for something my 7 yo will wad up and toss on the floor. Purple, I can do...maybe she'll accept that.

Got the Ashford bobbins all empty, so must start refilling them. Maybe I'll start in on the shetland tonight (after working out with the alien bellydance twins...) - that's slated to be a scarf for an author friend of mine Liz Curtis Higgs She's really sweet, and I love her current series, so I thought a scarf would be a nice gift. Have to figure out the receipe for French Blue, but that'll be after I spin the yarn.

Off to rest the wrist!
Tags: blather, spinning

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