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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm TIRED...

but Six Flags was fun. We were lucky - it wasn't too crowded today, and there weren't many lines. The longest line was on the next-to-last ride (the ride formerly known as the Bobsled) - 30 minutes. The kids had a BLAST - since neither one had been before, they didn't know what to expect, and they enjoyed every minute.

We had decided that, because of Herself, we wouldn't force the kids to ride anything, and we would skip the more obviously "scary" ones. I messed up only 1 time - it's been so long since I've been there that I didn't know what the new names were. We got on the "Runaway Mountain".....I thought (as did SG) that it was the ride formerly known as "The Cave" - a very relaxed, almost boring ride.'s a totally dark, very fast roller coaster. Herself almost lost it...fortunately I was in the seat besides her and was able to help her hold it together.

The water rides were hits, as was the Runaway Mine Train. It was a GREAT day..but very very exhausting. Especially since I didn't sleep last night (sore foot....I should have taken something, but didn't. I AM drugging up tonight, though) We got away with splitting 2 $12 EACH, that's a good thing! We bought the photo of us on the log ride.....but skipped the others. Too expensive. :lol:

I don't know if we can do this again - for the 4 of us, With Valet parking (because I was NOT gonna walk in this heat, and it was only $20; regular parking is $10, and close-in is $15), we spent $177. NOT including food, photos, or souvieners. :gulp: Still, it's vacation - the only time of year we splurge.

We got home, and had 2 boxes on the porch - my Milking Machine!

It's a rebuilt Surge machine, that's been set up for milking 2 goats at a time. However, it looks like the auction description ISN'T what I got - I got a rebuilt Surge machine, and it is set up for 2 goats, but....there's no way to close off 2 inflations to only milk 1, or to build up the vacuum, or or or...

The auction description clearly states "The milker has individual shutoffs..."....only it doesn't.

This is the pulsator - it's what makes the milk "pump" out. There's no shut-offs here (or "claw"....I don't know what a "claw" does, but I have this image of a Super-Villan in my head "Yes! We haff de Claw! We vill take over de World!!!!" :snicker:)......

This is the bottom of the shell (it goes on the teat) - you can see the PVC elbow. IF it had a shut-off, this is where it would shut-off. :sigh:

I've emailed the guy (to have it in writing), we'll see. More importantly I've posted to DGI and asked for advice. We'll be making a Home Depot run tomorrow to pick up whatever we need - I want to get this up and running ASAP. (The home-built ones on DGI all have ballast tanks..this one doesn't. This one is portable, though - although it weighs a bit more than *I* want to haul around. Still, if it needs a ballast tank, we have 4" PVC won't be too expensive to put one together. I'm waiting to hear if I actually *need* to build one...and what, exactly, a ballast tank DOES. :lol:)

And, OMGosh - it's HUGE. I didn't expect it to be so BIG. The vacuum pump is teeny compared to the bucket.....Wow. It's a bit intimidating!

I'm not upset with this - there's no way we could have put one of these together ourselves, even with all the info on DGI. Neither of us are mechanically inclined, and SG (and I) have the funds right now to throw at this. I tried pricing all the parts...I got to $400 without the shells, inflations, or lines, so I wasn't upset at the cost - PLUS, this one is guaranteed to work. Parting it, we might have gotten a dud.

Finn seems to be OK. I'll be pulling him out of the pasture tomorrow to check on his incisions - he's moving around - stiffly, but moving - so he's doing as expected.
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