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Previous Entry Bleaurgh.... Jul. 29th, 2010 @ 03:39 pm Next Entry
today has been pretty much wasted. Took an Elavil last night....which knocks me loopy for 24 hours. :sigh: I'm *just* now almost awake. Foot still hurts.......anyway.

Himself and I went to 5 - yes, FIVE - stores today trying to locate some in-line shut-off valves. We didn't find any ready-made; the 5th place cobbled together 2 for me. We'll pick up 2 more tomorrow (they only had 2 valves)....I haven't installed them yet. It'll involve cutting the line, and I'm not ready to do that yet. :lol:

SG had to fiddle with the pump; I had everything hooked up, had my 2 buckets ready (1 soapy water, 1 bleach water), but I couldn't get it to suck. He looked at it, flipped the switch, and the damn thing sucked up the soapy water like it was dying of thirst. :sigh: We'll haul it down to the barn tonight and try it out.......:fingers crossed it works!:

Buck barn supplies were just delivered.....it's too damn hot to do any work right now. :sigh: Gotta get it done, though - the boys need permanant shelter.

Need to make a mail-run....later!
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