Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Last day of vacation...

and I NEED a vacation, now. We were busy......I took photos. Won't show you everything - I don't think anyone's interested in the almost full dumpster, or the lack of piano on my front porch (I never showed you that, thankfully!), or the now-clean barn (goats in shavings, oh my!). I *will* show you the important things, though!

OK, we got the machine up and running Friday evening. Milked 1 goat at a time, but it went well. Saturday AM we got adventurous, and milked *2* goats at a time. Whoa! Rosa milks out in under 7 minutes, Annie and Mocha in 2, and Zorra in about 4. :boggle: It's an amazing piece of machinery! *Love* it - need to get proper shut-offs, though - the ones I have don't work so well. They cut the pulsation, but not the vacuum. :sigh: (And now I'm thinking I put them on the wrong lines. :sigh: Figures...)

Anyway, once we got it working, we had to rearrange the milk room. Too hard to do 2 at a time with the former configuration. Let's see what we started with, OK?


2 stands on the back wall with the feed in between; the 3rd stand was on the front wall, next to the door. Nice, but too much space in between to use the machine easily. So.....the feed was moved to the feed room (imagine that! It's not as convenient, but it works), and the stands were all lined up in a row:


Slightly tight fit between the stands, but you can still get in there to dump feed. Also, please note the "new" floor - reclaimed rubber mats from SG's former warehouse. We got enough to do the whole floor, and all 3 stands (the 3rd mat is in the horse trailer, under the chain-link fencing. It'll come out soon.

The window:

We now have a window A/C (MUCH needed in this heat!), and we moved the cabinet to the corner. The chains in front?

Hold the inflations in between goats and when not in use. Most folks use a tack hook; SG saw these in Home Depot and thought they'd work. They do - AND we can hook the bucket lid on there, too, when it's drying.

That wasn't all we did, though - we also worked on the buck barn. Why?

Because my lovely bucklings have *destroyed* their temporary hoop-house. :sigh: It was nice while it lasted, but they need a real barn. So, the materials were delivered Thursday, Saturday we dug holes, and today we framed:

2 sides are completely framed; the other 2 will be done after I tin the inside one. The barn is *in* the chicken run, and we don't want the hens to escape. It makes sense - the loafing area we were putting them in isn't really big enough for a barn and 4 bucks, AND playground equipment...the chickens don't really need all the space we gave them. Plus, we only needed to drill 3 :lol:

I'm tired, so catch ya later!
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