Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Back in the saddle...

figuratively speaking, of course. Back at work......lots to do piled on my desk, and only me to do 'em (co-worker is out sick today :whee:)

Been looking for lambbars for next kidding season. Bottle-feeding is fun the first 50 times you do it; after that it becomes a chore. Especially with more than 1 kid to feed. Lambbars'll feed 8 at a time....but they're expensive. Like $80/each. :ouch: After browsing eBay for weeks, and CL, and the various dairy boards, I went to Premier 1 and bought the nipples and attachments. I got enough for 2 lambbars....for $60. :blink: I think I can assemble them my self - just need to buy 2 5 gallon buckets (or find some kitty-litter buckets). Not bad!

The goats are still a bit freaked by the new arrangements. Annie and Mocha are cool, since thier stands didn't move, but Rosa and Zorra are lost. We had to pick both of them up to put them on their stands today.......they'll figure it out soon. I hope.

Even with the "help", though, it only took us 30 minutes to wash, strip, milk, and dip all 4 goats, feed the horses, feed the other goats, wash out AND sterilize the bucket. Before, it was 30 minutes to just MILK so this is a vast improvement. I get to walk up to the house WITH my husband!!! Fancy that! :lol: The time will drop when the silly goats get used to the new arrangement.

It's contract work day, so I'd better get to it!
Tags: goats

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