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So, I know I am obsessing over the new "toy". I can't help it - we went out at 5 AM to do the morning stables (as it were). When the DJ said "It's 5:12, time for Traffic!" I was pulling the inflations off of the last goat. :pause: *12* minutes to feed the bucklings, hook up, milk, and unhook *4* goats, and fill the cleaning buckets. (I did that while the last 2 were being milked). We were back inside fixing breakfast at 5:30.

This is....this is great. Not so much the *time*, but the lack of *pain*. We're still getting about the same amount of milk - 6 lbs, 8 oz this AM - but *I* am in no pain. Even lifting the full Surge bucket to empty out the soapy/bleach water doesn't hurt that much!

I love my goats. I love the closeness of hand-milking...but it *hurts* (me, not everybody. Please don't think hand-milking will harm your hands! IF they are OK going in, hand-milking will make them stronger. I'm the odd-ball here!). This? Is wonderful!

In other news, I have 3 (or 4) new crocheted things to photograph (Ali, don't let your son see the next set of photos, OK? Unless it's not a surprise. :grin: Yes, she's done....and enjoyed making up the pattern!) She's actually *writing* a pattern right now that she wants me to publish on-line. :blink: No problem, kiddo! (It's for With big ears.)

Himself has figured out how to replace inner tubes on bicycles. :grin: He fixed 2 bikes yesterday, and they'll be riding today.

Sweet Geek has decided that we can't afford to replace the countertops (ya think??), so we'll refinish them. *I* don't like the color choices Lowe's has, so I need to do some web-searching. Fun stuff!
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