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Previous Entry Blather and Ponderings.... Aug. 5th, 2010 @ 08:05 am Next Entry
Blather first: Picked up an incubator and egg turner last night. Spent a little more than I would have via eBay, but I have it in hand, it's not damaged...so it's OK. The goats have adjusted to the machine - it doesn't freak 'em out any more. Stupid pulsator sometimes gets "hung"...need to figure that out.

Ponderings: I've been thinking about the Law, then Anna posted about following the Law, but for the wrong reasons...and....:sigh: People frick things up, y'know?

Here's the deal: if you read Lev., and all the 613 Laws, and actually stop and THINK about what you just read...most of it is common courtesy. I mean, if my ox (or horse, or dog, or whatever) gets out and damages your property, then I need to reimburse you for it. If it hurts you (or a family member), then I need to pay the medical bills...if it kills you (or a family member) then I need to pay the funeral costs (of course!) and make restitution (and kill the ox, but that should go without saying. If I can't keep the damn thing on my property, then it needs to go, anyway). If I plot murder, my life should be forfeit (if I commit the crime, I mean - otherwise, we'd all be dead. Don't kid yourself, we've all had those little thoughts.......sinful though they are, we've all had 'em.)....if I find something that isn't mine, I should try to find the owner. This is all basic stuff that *I* learned in kindergarden......so why do people make such a fuss over it?

The dietary laws? Aren't that hard to keep. Avoid seafood and pork - those are the biggies (we don't normally eat reptiles or bugs. :ick:) The hardest part for me is ferreting out the "hidden" pork in stuff.......which is why I usually cook at home. (Summer is different - I do buy pre-packaged stuff for the kids' lunches. I try to read labels....but sometimes it sneaks by me.) I do the best I can, and beg forgiveness when I screw up.

The sacrifices? Were fulfilled in Messiah. So were the rituals - remember the scene at the cross, when the centurion stabbed Yeshua and blood AND water poured out? Yeah. THAT was Living Water, required to purify you after sacrificing. Believers are covered - we no longer need to do either blood or water purifications - it's RIGHT THERE, in Scripture.

The problem is that chrischuns say we're covered in the Blood, and that's that. (Nope - re-read Torah. You *need* to wash in Living Water). Messianics say yes, but we still need to perform mikvahs to cleanse us...........um. IF the Blood was sufficient to cover our sins, then the Water should be sufficient to cleanse us. You can't ignore the one and accept the other - they're both there, and they're BOTH important.

I tried to do a mikvah each month - even though it's not spelled out, Jews say a woman needs to do a mikvah to purify herself after her period. (Not by my understanding - Lev. says niddah is 7 days and you're done. Bleeding when NOT your normal niddah requires 14 days and a mikvah. So.....anyway, that's a minor quibble that's moot if you READ and remember about the Living Water) I kept forgetting, or not having time, or or or......and now I wonder if I should have looked into this sooner (thanks, Anna! You smacked me with it! :lol:) Usually, when something like that happens, I know I need to go digging.....I didn't, with this. (Partly because I didn't really see the spelling out of the need of a mikvah after niddah, but...)

Ali posted her thoughts.....and.....I don't really agree with her comparasion. Man's law can't be compared to Yah's Law....so comparing traffic laws to Torah simply doesn't work. You don't face Yah's anger just because you ran a red light at 2 AM with no traffic around. :wink:

It's.....a mess. I still need to think and pray thru my confusion...but...it's all mucked up. The whole point of being Torah-observant is to show that you love Messiah....it's not being legalistic. He wasn't....but he kept Torah. I'm trying...but I fail. :sigh: Still, it's something I'm working on.....because I want to.

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Date:August 5th, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
The point I am trying to make with the traffic law is that people often follow "rules" just because they have been conditioned to. And I used it as an example because it is a set of laws most people break daily, and don't have a deep love for.

When people just had the law (torah) they spent all this time fighting over the law. And now we are back to arguing over the law. I think the law becomes a curse when all it does is remind people of how crappy they are, or when it makes people quibble over if they can eat cheese burgers or not, or when it makes people feel they are better than others.
And the law was hurting people's love for one another.

The law is a blessing when we can see how it repairs relationships, brings justice, and reveals God's nature

Also one question - though blood and water poured out, we don't use real blood now. we have wine as symbolic blood - because it is performing a spiritual function - however a mikvah was set up also for physical clensing - spiritual water doesn't remove physical dirt or germs or smell- I would still wash up after touching a dead thing - though it is not spiritually required. We still live in physical bodies...so then we just call it a bath? I guess I never really got a hold of the mikvah idea..

And then how does that work with baptism? baptism is different from this living water thing? I just wish I understood more, everytime I think I have a grasp on understanding soemthing I am left with less than I started - at least when I am ingnorant - it is blissful ignorance - like singing all those christmas carols...

I know I need to dwell on this more also. my internet friends are my iron.
Thanks for sparring with me.~ali
(spin a yarn)
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