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More problems....

OK. You know about my car situation. It just got worse. :sigh:

1. School starts Aug. 23. Kids can't get in to the building before 7:30

2. Sweet Geek's job told him he must either take some continuing education classes or be unemployed. The 2 classes start Monday, Aug 23 and Wednesday, Aug 25, and run for...a semester, I think.

3. I have to be at my desk, PC fired up and printer on, by 8 AM.

4. We live 1 hour away from my office - OK, on a *good* day, I can make it in 45 minutes...but not after 7 AM.

4a. I am here early because SG has to be at work at 7 AM. Yes, when we ride togther he's LATE. To compensate, he doesn't leave until 4:15 or later...which means *I* have to wait on him in the afternoons. I don't mind, but......I am spending, on average, 1.5 hours up here UNPaid.

So, let's look at this, shall we? Starting Aug. 23, *I* have to have my Jeep to be able to get myself to and from work, Monday - Thursday. (Yes, I was able to come in late after Mom's surgery, but things have changed since then - Ms boss comes in earlier, AND we have a bank meeting Aug. 24. So.....I HAVE to be at the office by 7:50 at the latest. The kids can't get into school before 7:30.....20 minutes. Not gonna work.) The kids HAVE to have a way to and from school. See the problem?

Bus? HELL no - Herself can't do the bus. She'd be in total melt-down mode every morning - the bus has a schedule, yes, but they are NEVER on time, and the seats are not assigned. She simply can't handle it - and I will NOT put her thru that. Himself could handle that....but he'd get his ass whooped every day, because he can't keep his mouth shut. (Yes, he is a little smart-ass most of the time. The other kids won't put up with it....:sigh:)

Neighbor? Here's the deal - I can't pay someone to take my kids to and from school while I am also paying someone to *watch* them. I won't inflict Herself on the neighbors - it wouldn't work, anyway, because the neighbor's boys are wild daughter is pretty. NOT gonna go there. My neighbor won't do it for free - and I wouldn't feel right in asking him to. Plus, he smokes.....Himself's asthma would flare, adding medical bills to everything else.

I have NO other options.....the schools are too far for the kids to walk or bike to (we're rural, remember?) - Herself's is closer, but she'd have to either cut across the High School parking lot (ummmm.....NO.) or go down alongside the main drag thru town (Nope); Himself would have to cross many busy streets (and go under the Interstate. Again, NO.). Let's not even go into the whole "kid going to school alone at 7 AM on work days/rainy days/cold and icy days", OK? I've got enough stress as it is.

When I am unemployed, MY situtation will be better - I'll HAVE to have my Jeep. I'll be taking the kids to and from.....but that won't be until AFTER school starts. (Bank meeting Aug. 24......I might make it to Aug. 30 - might even make it to Dec 1. Doubtful, but...) That leaves Mom in the lurch, but I can't do anything about that - I can NOT afford to buy another vehicle, I can't afford to NOT have my's a mess.

I understand Mom's budget is tight...but damn, so is mine. I've got to dig into my property tax money again today to get a tooth fixed - damn filling fell out and I'm afraid the tooth has cracked....I have NO clue how we're gonna pay the taxes now. SG can't help - he's supporting his aunt (I'm basically still living on a single income here!) I don't have a solution. But something has to be is coming up fast (and I have to figure out how to buy supplies and clothes! :ack:) and I HAVE to have my car.....:sigh: I hate feeling like *I* am responsible for this - I'm not. I was nice enough to loan the Jeep when I didn't need it....but now? I need it. I can't get around it.....and I can't provide another set of wheels, because I don't have them. And can't afford to get them.

Argh. Stress levels are thru the roof - the dental appointment today doesn't help matters. Fortunately, SG was able to take off at noon (he worked last Monday, so they "owe" him a vacation day. He's taking off at noon today - 1/2 day - and noon next Friday (I think). So that at least worked out!)
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