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Still here...


Previous Entry Still here... Jan. 19th, 2005 @ 01:31 pm Next Entry
nothing's changed on the work front. We're still on the Watch....

Home, however.....*g*

Last weekend, the man that actually owns the 9 acres next to me came over and literally *ordered* me to let my horses graze down his acreage. He "don't want ta drag my tractor over *spit* - it's too damn-sorry, dang- wet out here. There's plenty 'a good grass out here and you don't need ta pay for that damn-sorry-hay. *spit*"

So, I waited until I saw the renter (last Friday evening) - I figured it would be polite to tell him that there would soon be 5 equines roaming around his rented doublewide. He was cool with it - and told me to "just open the gates and turn 'em loose. They'll come on over here to get this good grass!"

So, I promptly went over and opened both paddock gates.

First, you need to know that Dusty the stud-muffin was already next door - he is a professionally trained hunter, and figured out pretty quick how to jump over the 4.5' fence. You also need to know that his companion is a 95% blind shetland pony. And that 1 of the mares is currently in foal, 1 slipped her foal when we moved, and the other is the stud-muffins daughter.

Anyway: I opened the gates. Did the ungrateful ingrates rush down the trail to the great big hay meadow next door? Did they tell me thank you as they galloped merrily on their way?

They did *not*. Instead, the girls got into a cat fight over who got to go out the gate first, then a shoving match over who got to antagonize the dogs. The poor pony just sort of stood in the gateway, puzzled about the whole shebang.

I put a rope around his neck and led him around to the hay meadow. I thought the girls would follow me.....HAH. Yeah, right.

The girls have eaten my front yard down (it needed it..but still). They have gone in and out of my garage while I'm trying to back the van out. They keep trying to get out of the front gate (I guess to go visit the mules down the street). They *refuse* to venture away from the house.

Last night? Dusty decided that here was where the action is, and came back over. Now I have 4 idiots eating my roses, eating my solar lights, trying to crowd into the garage (while I am backing the van out! I almost hit Dusty the brainless wonder this AM). *sigh*

It's too muddy to lead them the full way next door. The girls are not as user-friendly as Dusty - they don't appreciate the perks of haltering and brushing - and don't want me near their heads. Grain hasn't worked..yet.

Hopefully, it'll be dry this weekend so I can try to capture the girls and drag them next door. *fingers crossed* There's lots of good grazing over there....and it's FREE! *g*
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spin a yarn
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Date:January 19th, 2005 08:37 pm (UTC)
Are you sure they're not cats? They might be easier to herd if they were.

I like horses, but sometimes I wonder what they keep in their lovely heads because it sure ain't brains.
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Date:January 20th, 2005 12:49 am (UTC)
*g* These are Arabians, so they have a *few* more brains than your average horse.

This evening, the Stud-muffin was down at the creek, on my neighbor's property. The pregger mare was across the creek snarfing up the 2 year unmowed goodness.

The other 2? Hanging out at the garage waiting for handouts. I made them wait until after I had fed the other 3. *g*
Date:January 21st, 2005 02:43 am (UTC)
I used to work at a "stable" that had a herd of about 25 horses that ran loose on 80 acres. I got them hooked on mashes by letting grain soak on a bucket of hot water with brown sugar and molasses mixed in, when it cooled i'd put it out and they'd slurp it up. After a few times all it took was for them to see the particular bucket i used to mix it in and they'd follow it anywhere.
Also, I don't know your set up there, but would it be possible to feed them on the other side of the gate? It sounds like it's fairly close to your house, once they were through, shut it behind them and they'll be out of the garage. I used to haul hay on tarps behind my POA into the far pasture when we needed to block them out of the main 60 acres. it worked like a charm once I convinced him he couldn't walk backward and eat at the same time.
(spin a yarn)
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