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Well, SHIT


Previous Entry Well, SHIT Aug. 6th, 2010 @ 04:56 pm Next Entry
2.5 hours in a chair later, I have a numb mouth, a dead eye (he hit the nerve, and it sucks!), and a temporary filling. I have to set up an appointment Monday to see the Oral Surgeon - seems that the tooth can't be saved. :sigh: Not even with a Root Canal (not that I wanted one - I am NOT paying $3K to suffer the lack of pain meds. :sigh:)

They have to extract it, and give me either a bridge or an implant. Dentist wants an implant....me? Not so sure. We're looking at $4K+ (That's WITH insurance, folks.......)

Why? Because I managed to not only loosen the filling, but I somehow have a)sheared off a portion of the front of the tooth; b) cracked the inside; and c) split the outside. The shear had decay...and it was all the way to the nerve. :sigh: When I do something, I do it BIG. :weak grin:

Today was only $80.....would have been $800 had he been able to crown it. Wish he had......

At least I get a milkshake for dinner out of it.....

Shalom Shabbot! May yours be better than mine!
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Date:August 7th, 2010 02:34 pm (UTC)
I cracked a tooth may of 2006. I was upset about something and clenched my teeth together and pop. My second to last bottom molar on my right side.
I went to the dentist and told them to check the tooth - they said it was fine - a few months later it had a big abcess - I had actually cracked the tooth and it got infected. The tooth was dead and I had it pulled - they told me after getting the tooth pulled I would have to wait six months before getting an implant. I never did. Four years later my tooth that opposes that missing tooth has shifted down. My point is - you have some time between yanking a tooth and getting a new one put it - but don't wait four years- seems that is too long. ~ali
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