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Busy weekend...

Let's see...Friday was a bust, thanks to the dentist. I have decided on NO implant - the thought of drilling into my jawbone and no pain meds makes that just NOT a good idea. Not sure what we'll do - maybe a bridge? The tooth HAS to come out, that's a given....I'm not looking forward to *that*, either. :sigh: Stupid allergies....

Saturday we got 2 walls of the buck barn up before it got too hot. I learned something - and I'm going to share it with y'all, 'cause I'm like that. :lol: If you want to get critters, but haven't because housing is problematical; not the housing itself, but the constructing thereof - I mean, tin is the cheapest route, but you need an air compressor to do that efficiently, right?

Nope. We got out there Saturday morning, and the big air compressor is dead. Don't know why - it powered up, and filled up, but wouldn't re-fill the tank when the pressure dropped. The little AC we have isn't big enough to power the driver - it'll do 1 screw, then you sit and wait while it builds up the takes 16 screws (on our barn!) to attach the tin. With a 2 minute wait between each one......and 12 sheets of tin to attach for the sides, well, that wasn't working so well.

So, Sweet Geek got mad. He grabbed his Ryobi cordless drill, put the driver on it, and tried it - worked like a charm! To the point that I covered the 2 walls in half an hour! (He....went out and bought *me* one, so we can both be attaching the tin at the same time.)

I don't know if other brands would work - I don't see why not - but the Ryobi Lythium 18V cordless drill works fantastically well. We're planning on finishing the barn next weekend (provided SG can get the framing done - I'd'a had it finished if he'd had the other 2 walls framed!) I'm pretty sure a corded drill would work as well - it's just hard for *me* to attach tin with a cord in the way - even the AC cord is a bother.

Sunday......stupid, damn dog jumped the fence and managed to kill one of my new pullets. :fuming: SG FINALLY got pissed at her....but she's still here. :sigh: I ran the hot box - it's on, but the damn dog STILL jumps the fence. It's like the zap doesn't faze her at all. :grumble: She KNOWS she's in trouble, though.....but I'm not seeing much improvement - just a lot of empty posturing on her part. I told him - next up is a shock collar, and if THAT doesn't work......he's going to have to do something.

SG got most of the trash out - we need to rent another dump trailer to get the rest, but the property looks MUCH better. I need to finish the inside of the milkroom - I'm tired of looking at the unfinished wall. We also need to paint the master bath....eventually. :grin:

I have photos to post...but I left the camera card at home. Figures......maybe tomorrow. I am tired, sore, and sun-burned right now...but we did get a lot accomplished. I was hoping to have the bucklings moved, but....maybe next weekend (we still have to fence. :sigh: It's a never-ending thing, isn't it?)

Oh! This AM Yah had a grasshopper ride all the way into work on our hood. Freakiest thing - we're doing 70 on the HOV, and this green 'hopper was "surfing" on the hood. SG finally swatted it off when we got was amazing!
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