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finally. Today started out rotten - Sweet Geek didn't want to fix breakfast, *I* didn't know what I was hungry for (let me interject here - NOT eating breakfast isn't an option for me. My blood sugar will tank by 8 and I'll be a zombie with a migraine. I can skip dinner with few problems - sleeping doesn't seem to affect my blood sugar; I can skip lunch if I have a large breakfast AND if I eat an early dinner....but I can NOT skip breakfast), so he decided that meant we didn't NEED breakfast. :bangs head: He got pissed when I pulled out my card at Starbucks (because Lord help us, we can't NOT have coffee! And he didn't want ME to fix him coffee this AM :sigh:) and grabbed an oatmeal. (Which sucked - it's instant :blech:, it's made with hot water :double blech: and had no butter. I can live with instant if I use milk and butter. I ate it anyway.) This is gonna be 1 fun day.

We get off at noon...we have to pick up paper, run by the aunt's, run home, grab the kids, and go back-to-school shopping. (Please note the lack of, say, LUNCH in there. No time!) Then it's rush home to prep for the least it's relaxing afterwards!

Ah, well - got here early enough that all the mid-month bills are paid, my email has been handled, and I got a box prepped for shipping. least SOMETHING's gone right! And Ms boss won't be in, so THAT'S a good thing, too!

OH! I figured out what was going on with the bucklings' "toy". I have a big commercial plant pot that I put in for them to jump on. I usually put it in the middle of their field. never stays there. *I* thought that the children were moving it (for whatever reason)...but no. Last night, I found out what's happening: Calvin. :snicker: That little shit knocks it on it's side, then uses his *head* to roll it where he wants it. He then sets it back up, and proceeds to jump on it. :lol: Funniest thing I've seen in a long while! So far, he hasn't tried to escape using's only a matter of time...:lol:
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