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Houston, we have a problem....

We've been without 'net since sometime late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. The phone company keeps saying "It'll be fixed soon"...but won't say what *soon* is. They're supposed to credit us 2 days.....I'll believe it when I see the bill. :sigh:

Let's all 4 walls of "Buck-ingham Palace" up, and the back wall tinned. The window (for feeding) is framed in and hung. We *should* be able to get it finished this weekend...I hope so. They're starting to really stink up, and the girls are starting to notice. (October is when I'll start the breedings. Nubians first, then 50 days later the Alpines, then the Cashmeres. I'm trying to stagger for year-round milk...we'll see how I do.)

We watched "Men Who Stare At Goats" - oh my gosh, that's a funny movie! (Some of it's based on stuff I've heard really happened.....Manhattan Project, etc.). Funniest Line EVER: Ewen MacGregor's Charactor, Bob, "What's a Jedi?". I don't know HOW he kept a straight face...I almost fell off the couch laughing. George Clooney is a hoot as a Psychic Warrior...the whole thing is over-the-top silly, but good. "R" rating, for language, mostly - but there is some (mild) nudity near the beginning (some hot tub scenes - you see boobage. Quick shots, but still). Most of the violence is off-screen....except for the goat "death" scene - which isn't really anything major - George stares at a goat and it falls over "dead" :lol:. (Seriously, it's HYSTERICAL. Worth the $15 we spent on it!)

Got all the kids' clothes and most of the supplies. Took almost all of my paycheck...:sigh: Ah, well - they needed 'em. Pants were the most expensive items - Herself is hard to buy for, as she's a size 1 in waist and 3 in length. Need to fatten her up!

Contract work today - gotta skitter!
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