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School starts MONDAY and we have not solved the car issue. This is going to be a MAJOR problem with Herself - this is throwing a wrench in her schedule, and it's not enough time for her to internally work it out. Sucks.....:sigh: Gonna have to really work with her to try and head it off...Asberger's is So. Much. Fun. /sarcasm Add in the fact that I need the Jeep stuff, fun stuff.

Have the itch to make (more) soap. Don't *need* it - I have 4 batches on the curing rack right now, but I wanna soap! Got SO many color/fragrance ideas! Wanna play! :lol:

Got silly last night......we now have BUCKingham Palace, Fort Clucks (or Camp Cluckington.....still laughing over that)...we just haven't come up with something for the Dairy Barn. SG didn't like "Doe-si-Do Area" or anything else I came up with. :lol: (Yes, there will be signage! :snicker:)

We were kinda punch-drunk - SG didn't get off work until 5, so we were mucho late getting home. I don't mind the carpooling so much, except when he's late. :sigh:

Ordered some in-line shut-off valves from Caprine Supply 8/2, and still don't have them. They said they mailed 'em out on the 3rd.....Priority Mail. :sigh: Looks like I'm out $30....
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