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and FOGGY this AM. Y'all don't understand. This is AUGUST. And Texas. It's 100+ (NOT including the heat index, which makes me depressed, so we'll just go by the thermometer reading), it's DRY, and....we had a foggy morning. Weirdness. Welcome, but weirdness.

We've been told by 2 CPA's that the new "health bill" has something in it that will require your company to give you a 1099 on the portion of your health insurance that they pay, starting in 2011. (Some folks argue about this, saying no, it doesn't say that...but we've heard it from 2 separate sources, at least 1 of whom has read the damn bill, so...) This doesn't sound too bad, at first....but y'know what? 1099's are for INCOME.'re going to be taxed on your health insurance.

Let's see.....I'm one of the "lucky" ones that has 100% of premiums paid by my company (for me AND my kids). That's $3,000/month (we just got the renewal's going up.) For $3K/month, I get crappy coverage - yes, we have a co-pay ($20/doc; $100/ER), we have a deductible ($750/person; $2,400/family) AND we have to pay 20% on top of that. Prescriptions are tiered - and most of the "common" drugs are in the $50 bracket. Oh, and we have to use THEIR doctors, or they only pay 20%. I'm gonna be taxed on the $3K/month.....or $36,000/year. Ummm.....I can't do that. No way, no how can I pay taxes on an "extra" $36K year - in fact, that's MORE THAN I MAKE PER YEAR.

How is this helping people, again? :bangs head:

I'm lucky - we're on SG's coverage as well, at $500/month (and MUCH better coverage. His company has Thousands of employees; mine has 2. Hence the difference!). His company only pays HIS portion, so the tax consequences won't be that astronomical. Still.....we have to come up with the tax $$ to cover the "raise". :rolls eyes:

Not much else to report...tonight is "date" night. We'll see how it goes....
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