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First day of school blues....

We have good neighbors. Sweet Geek is on school patrol today - he took the day off, not only for them, but still - and is currently hustling them out the door. Neither one is happy about it, but hey - it's life. Starting tomorrow, our neighbor down the street (aka the drunk who kept hitting the mailbox) will be taking and bringing them. *I'm* not happy, because they will be "latch key" kids for about 30 minutes every evening. :sigh: Can't be helped, though....and they are both old enough. (But...Asberger's. This is NOT going to be fun!)

Weekend was BUSY and hot. Friday I got the kitchen scoured and cleaned, got dinner, and made a loaf of challah - all before sundown! :go me!: Saturday was hay-day.....look. When your spouse tells you that you really need to rent/borrow a 16' flatbed to get hay on, and the rental place HAS a 16' flatbed (for $50), please don't second-guess her your spouse by saying "But! They have a 12' that they'll rent me for $20, because this other guy needs a 16' and they only have 1! I'll save $30!!" because, believe me, it won't end well.

See, I wanted 60 bales. We've been trying to get hay since MARCH - he's been out, or he hadn't cut it yet, or "Call back in 2 weeks - we'll have it then!" (I heard that from May to last week! Longest 2-damn-weeks EVER). When he said "Yup. Got 2,000 bales in the barn right now - $5.00 each" I transferred the last of our savings over (taxes....will be interesting this year. Gotta have hay, though! And coastal, which is what's available everywhere, is $8+/bale right now!) and said "I want 60 bales. We need a 16' trailer"

So......we got a 12' trailer. We managed to get 50 bales of hay - 40 on the trailer (somehow, I don't know how. That poor trailer was almost scraping the street, it was so overloaded) and 10 (again, I do NOT know how 10 bales got squashed in our short-bed pickup) on the truck.....4 miles from the hay barn, we had to pull over because 10 bales on the trailer FELL, and were only held on by the tie-down straps. :whew: (NOT fun unloading and reloading hay on the side of a State Highway. 2 lane road. Fast traffic. :shudder:)

Anyway, made it home, got it unloaded. Relaxed. Then headed out to milk. Damn pulsator was FROZEN and wouldn't work. :bangs head: I ended up hand-milking 3 goats.....and again Sunday AM. My left wrist is DEAD today. :shakes head: SG did get it taking it apart, cussing, WD-40ing it, and reassembling it. He also handed me the AmEx and said "I don't care where you find it, but I want you to order a NEW one tomorrow and have it shipped overnight. This is for the birds (well, he said something else, but *I* have my limits. Won't repeat *that*) and YOU can't deal with this."

Yes, we called the seller - left 2 messages. :sigh: So much for customer support! I'll be calling Parts Dept in a bit to order a brand-spanking new Interpuls pulsater and adapter.....I wanted to order it online, but their website order form sucks. :shrug: No place to pay extra for overnight shipping. (Because, of course, this AM it tried to freeze AGAIN. SG won't be home 3 mornings a week now....*I* can't do it. I can't hand-milk 4 goats by myself 3 mornings a week, and with help 3 evenings. My wrist won't take No, I won't get Himself up at 5 AM to help milk - not during school. Should I start homeschooling, now, then it'll be different - but right now, no.)

Oh! Got the inline shutoff's in...and the damn things were CRACKED. :bangs head: I can't win for losing here......SG is going to get some new hoses today (since we cut the original ones to put in the we have 2.5' hoses. Not quite long enough to comfortable milk 2 at a time. :sigh:) and is going to try and get some valves locally. :snerk: Good luck with that! I can, however, live without 'em - I can crimp hoses. :shrug:

Himself had his first sleepover Saturday evening. Went...OK, but he needs to work on his social skills. :snicker:

Gotta run - gotta call Parts Dept!
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