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the first day the kids ride to school with our neighbors. Himself was chipper about it (except for when he realized he hadn't done I told him to *2* weeks ago, which was clean out his out-grown clothes, and thus, couldn't find any in-dress-code compliant shorts to wear today. THAT was fun! :sigh:) - but then, he's able to roll with the punches.

Herself, however, had tied herself up in knots over this. The "good" news is that she focused her anger on her grandmother and the vehicle situtation (you have NO idea how much progress this is!), and not on *me*. She understands that *I* didn't bring this about, and that *I* couldn't do anything about it. It didn't make it easier on her, but the fact that she can acknowledge fault where it belongs is HUGE. broke my heart. She did NOT have a good evening last night - too much angst ("What car do they drive? What if they forget me? What if the garage door doesn't open? What if it's raining and I can't close the gate?" - it's stuff that neuro-normal kids don't even *think* about, but she dwells on it. Why? Because it's deviated from her set schedule.)

I had to leave, so I made sure they were both up, eating breakfast, and knew what lunch stuffs were there. I called at 7 - they have to leave the house at 7:15 - and both were OK; dressed, shoes on, teeth brushed (well, they SAID they were ready), and seemed calm. We'll see how it goes......:sigh:

The milking machine worked this AM...sorta. I had to bash the pulsator to get it working - Parts Dept sent out the new one yesterday overnight, so THAT problem should be history. SG had bought new hoses - see, when you put in shut-off valves, you have to cut the hose. No biggie...except that the shut-off valves were BROKEN. Which I didn't know until I tried to, y'know, actually USE them. :sigh: This left me with less than 3' of hose on each inflation...which isn't quite enough. Anyway, SG bought some hoses yesterday....but.......:big sigh: He's a Man. He doesn't THINK. He didn't ask if the hoses were FOOD SAFE (or even potable water safe - I'd accept that!) - he just asked for hoses to fit. :bangs head: He bought 1 shut-off valve...of chromed-metal....that says clearly that it is NOT for use around acid (ie, vinegar) or bleaches (ie, Clorox) - both of which we use to clean the milk lines...where the valve is installed. :bangs head again:

After a lot of stomping around on my part, I *think* we're OK. Hamby's dairy sells some hose (that THEY use) that looks identical to the hose SG bought. He has been told to PLEASE call/go by Home Depot/Lowes and ask what they were intended for. I hope we can use them - we have 20' of it! :lol:

We need to find suitable shut-offs, but I'm not in a hurry. At the moment. I can crimp hoses.

Hair: I have finally successfully managed a crown braid. It's not perfectly smooth yet, but it's good enough that I am wearing it to work today. :lol: The hardest part is switching my hands around when I get to my right ear, then switching them again when I get to the plain braid part, over my left ear. Still, Crown Braid! :whee:

The bank POSTPONED the meeting AGAIN. Today we have a telephone word on when they're actually coming down. :sigh:
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