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FINALLY made it!

Every time we get a little precipitation out here, the people forget how to fricking DRIVE. It's WATER, dumbass! Drive slower! (Or, don't text/email/surf the web while you drive. Yes, that's common here. Idiots.) HUGE wreck - took me a full HOUR to get past it. 3 cars, took out 3 lanes. Got past that, then on the other side was another wreck - an 18-wheeler jack-knifed and took out a light pole. It was smoking under the hood when I passed it....:sigh:

Major headache, due to lack of eating. See, SG and I were going to meet up at S*bux - he was going to stop and grab Chick-fil-A; I was going to grab caffiene. Because of the wreck, my blood sugar tanked and I now have the headache from Hell. :bigger sigh:

Kids did well yesterday, but not so well this AM. Herself had broken SG's cup yesterday, and we discovered it this AM. HE had a small meltdown - to show her how stupid it was to lose your temper over a cup - which, of course, set her off. He knows better......her morning was derailed and....:sigh: Himself called me in a panic because she was stomping around calling names and threatening him. :bangs head: I got it sorted - over the phone - and they got pulled together in time to leave. Fun stuff....I bet I get a call from the school. (Actually, I hope *SG* gets a call from the school - let him deal with the fallout!)

The new pulsator ROCKS. I am going to do a quick DIY milking machine post soon - not that I am an expert, by any means! - because I think a milk supply will be even more important in a few months than it is now. Seriously - look at what's going on. Even if you DON'T believe we're in the Seals, you have to admit things are bad - and they ARE going to get worse. Invest in hens and some form of milk supply - mini's or Nigerian Dwarf goats will keep your family in milk, and don't take up much room. You are going to NEED food - prices are going up, and the dollar is falling fast. You don't have much time.......

Anyway, gotta skitter.
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