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OK, so y'all know I think we're living Revelation's Seals, with the Trumpets and Bowls to follow. You also know that I've been...worried? Concerned? about my critters, and the Rapture and......

Anyway, a friend said something the other day that got me thinking.

We were discussing the Rapture as the church teaches (ie: Believers whisked up into Heaven, leaving everything behind), and she said that in case of the Rapture, her mother would be the luckiest woman on the planet. My gut reaction was "No, it doesn't work that way!"...and I've been mulling that over.

Here's the deal. Yah is a God of pattern and order. The Tribulation (as it's called in the church) is basically 3 sets of 7 Judgements (with me so far?). He's done this before - the Egyptian plagues, only they were 3 sets of 3. (Sort of a "Trib Lite", as it were.) The Israelites went thru the first set of 3, but were kept out of the 2nd and 3rd sets. Here's the deal - they were THERE, they just weren't affected.

I've had a problem with the Rapture as the church teaches it for a long time.....I mean, yeah, Yah is GOD, He can certainly whisk us all away if that's what He wants to do...but I can't wrap my brain around that. (Yes, John saw a mass multitude in the Temple, which is what the church uses to "prove" their version of the Rapture. However....he says that they are people who escaped from "Great Persecution". Ummm.....I don't see a lot of persecution right now - most people just let chrischuns/Jews/etc do their thing. I think of Great Persecution to be on the lines of the Spanish Inquisition, or something......anyway, moving on.)

Now, in the Plagues, the Israelites HAD their stuff - their flocks, their herds, their I'm thinking the Believers will have *their* stuff - pattern and order, remember?

And.....I can't find anywhere in Scripture where those that didn't prep were *handed* survival stuffs free. Think about it...The virgins that prepped got to go to the Wedding Feast; those that didn't were locked out WITHOUT the prepper's oil or lamps. The Israelites had their flocks - the Egyptians didn't get to move in and take them during the plagues.

I mean, if something were to happen to me today, my family would be ok - the house would be paid for, they have my preps. If something happened to my entire family, then yeah - someone could move on in and be set (once they proved heirship, and everything - I'm writing this quickly, to try and catch all the thoughts I've got running around)...but that's just "normal" happenings. I'm thinking...

I've read a lot of myths and legends - used to be my favorite type of reading material. I noticed that most cultures have the same basic stories - Flood covering the Earth, for example, or deity hanging on tree for 3 days (seriously....Norse myths really messed with my head for a while, there.) One thing that keeps popping up in my memory is Avalon, or fairy circles - where the place is *here*, but not. Like a separate dimension.......I mean, I know that Truth has been distorted - a lot - so why can't some of the legends be distorted Truth?

There's more running around, but I can't put it into words. I'm just thinking that the non-preppers aren't going to be handed the stuff put up by those watching. It doesn't fit the pattern.....

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