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Oh, the angst..

as the truck saga goes on. The truck was picked up yesterday - after *7* phone calls from the wrecker service. I have NO idea why my mother would give them MY number - she KNOWS how Ms. boss feels about personal phone calls, she KNOWS how angry she gets..:sigh: I honestly think she WANTS me to be unemployed. :bigger sigh:

I know how this is going to play out. She'll get her truck back by Sept 1, and want to get paid to care for the kids again. Problem: I'll have already paid the neighbor. Problem: She's lost Herself's trust.

Himself can roll with the punches. OK, so it's a little adjustment, but hey - no biggie. Herself can't. She feels betrayed right now, and is very very very upset about it - and she doesn't forgive easily. (That seems to be an Aspie trait - when something happens, that's the way it'll ALWAYS be. So, if I tell her X, and X happens, then X is how that situation will always go. She doesn't "get" sarcasm, or dark humor - to her it's either black, or white. be "dumped" (HER word! Not mine) by her grandmother means that it will happen again....and you know, I can't argue with her. This has been very hard on her....and I don't think she'd take kindly to grandma coming back in right now. It's.....this isn't going to be fun.

Moving on...

Herself has suddenly "discovered" her hair. She has long, gorgeous, thick, lovely CURLY hair. Botticelli curls. Tight ringlets from scalp to ends. GORGEOUS. And that's bad, because teen girls are vicious. :sigh: She's already been teased (and this is only the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL, gah!) about her curly-wurly hair (let me say, it's jealousy. *I* am jealous of her hair, but I am happy with mine. Her hair is so thick that I don't think she'll be able to handle it past waist - mine? Could be floor-length and it wouldn't give me headaches, it's so fine and thin). Monday was apparantly tough - she asked me Monday night to PLEASE braid it! So I did - 2 French braids.

Tuesday evening it was 1 French braid. Wednesday, I did 2 French braids culminating into 1 regular braid. Last night? She wanted a crown braid. :lol: She made an off-the-cuff remark about "no hair police this way", so I'm pretty sure this is her way of coping with the jealous idiots. :sigh:

Still, I like braiding hair. I like playing with different things - and I finally found a copy of my much-loved and much-missed braiding book on eBay yesterday, so I'll soon have many many more styles to do on her. :lol:

Off at noon today, so probably better skitter.
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