Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

:ugh: It's finally Monday!

Weekend was BUSY. We got BUCKingham Palace DONE, though! Didn't finish the fence until 7 PM last night, but it's DONE. Of course, the boys had escaped this AM, so we had to fix fence, but still - DONE.

We need 1.5 pieces of tin to actually finish the 4th side - right now they have "ventilation". :lol: It was too hot Saturday to cut the tin (it's where the window is, so we have to cut it), and Sunday was spent roofing and fencing. And spraying stinky boy goats that were peeing on EVERYTHING. :shudder:

ALL the goats (except Rosa) now have new collars, too. Rosa came to us wearing a spiffy plastic-chain collar. Easy to grab, doesn't rub the hair, and will break (one hopes) if she gets stuck. They're kinda pricey, though - Home Depot sells the same chain at $11/15 feet.

Well, when SG's warehouse moved, we got a lot of stuffs. Among that was 3 boxes (@ 50 feet each) of - plastic chain. Granted, it's black and yellow (Steelers' colors :boo hiss:), but hey - FREE! So, I sat down Friday afternoon and made everyone some spiffy collars.

The doelings didn't know what to think....but they settled in. The does were all "Huh. O....K. Whatever - can we eat it?" and the boys....well, they didn't care - GIRLS. And then pee'd on me. :sigh:

We also got a balance tank built for the milker. I have photos....but need to edit/upload, you know the drill. Hopefully they'll be up sometime later this week.

The tank wasn't a *necessity* - I want to make that plain. The machine worked without it, but. We were sucking up the cleaning solution, causing the pump to blow oil. The vacuum, also, fluctuated in time with the pulsator - it's supposed to be at 12; it was fluctuating between 10 and 15. Not the best thing for udder health!

With the tank, the vacuum sits rock steady at 12. If Zorra kicks off an inflation, I have a few seconds to grab it before the vacuum level drops and all the inflations fall off. It does take a bit longer to hit 12, but I can live with it. (It also takes up a LOT of wall space, but..I can live with that, too!)

I am cut up, bruised, sore, and stiff, and I haven't slept well (see sore and stiff). A pallet fell and cut the back of my knee, and brusied it, so that's kept me up; SG dropped a rafter on my shoulder (Accident, but still - OW), so THAT's kept me up.....and I have "donated" more blood to the cause than I needed to. Still - it's DONE. The boys have shelter, now, and shade. That's worth a few bruises!
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