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THAT was interesting....

First up, there will be multiple posts today - I have photos! This post will be the blather; then I'll put up 2 or 3 photo, be warned. :lol:

Let's home last night to 2 subdued children. They KNEW they were in deep trouble, they KNEW they'd have to they tried to do a pre-emptive "We're sorry and have apologized to each other!" strike. Didn't work. :heh:

Sweet Geek brought home dinner - he has another test tonight, so he had to study. He also brought home feed (an aside - RH is next week, and we are full up on feed and hay. Interesting timing, that - AND I'm hitting the grocery store tonight and the meat market this weekend. :hmmmmmm:), and we wanted to get things done.

So. We eat, then all 4 of us head out to do the evening stables. Kids did the chickens and horses, I mixed goat feed (note this!), fed the bucks, then went in to get the milkroom ready.

Brought the goats in (by 2!), milked, yada yada. I had just finished the last 2 when SG came in to help me finish up. He took over the machine, I grabbed the feed bucket, and went into the loafing area to feed the girls. Dumped 2 scoops in the wall feeders, went to dump 1 in the bowl....and OH MY FREAKING GOSH, there was a SNAKE in the bucket!

Needless to say, I LOST it. It wasn't big - about as big around as my pinky, and about 12" or so long, but DAMN - it was IN MY FEED BUCKET. SG killed it, and I FINALLY managed to feed the rest, but..:shudder:

Here's the thing. We ran out of goat pellets Sunday AM, so ran to Tractor Supply for a stop-gap. (I don't usually feed commercial feeds; we have a mill I go to and buy fresh) Because it was only 1 bag, I didn't dump it in the bin, I just fed straight from the bag. Either the snake was IN the bag when we bought it, or it somehow slithered into it......the more I think about it, the more I think we bought the damn thing. Anyway, I somehow didn't see it when I mixed the grain (I take 1 big scoop of pellets, and 1 small scoop of alfalfa, and mix, and continue until the bucket is full. I then put 2 scoops in another bucket for the boys.), and I didn't see it when I fed the milkers or the doelings. :shudder:

The worst part? Sometimes my children do the feeding. :BIG shudder:

We were lucky - SG says it has the poisionous head. No one got bit - not even the goats. He took photos of the carcass, but hasn't looked it up yet. :shudder: It didn't look like the snakes we have around here, which is why I think I bought the damn thing (and I don't WANT one for a pet!)

I ran to the house and got out my garlic stash. The entire area now smells like an Italian Lasagne factory, but I don't care - garlic is supposed to repel the damn things. I'm going to buy more tonight and make SURE we are all garlic-ized. :shudder:

This AM, SG calls me into the feed room. I didn't want to go, but it wasn't anything freaky - it was a wee little frog sitting on top of the air compressor. Guess we have no snakes in there! :grin:

Oh! Ali, I got the box!!! Thank you! I haven't done anything with it yet, but I will! (And Herself was excited, and LOVED the note! Thanks to you both!!!)

Now, to edit photos....:grin:
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