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Photos! (1 of....3)

We've been busy! I took a few photos over the weekend - enjoy!

This is where the bucklings were living:

You'll notice that the shelter has kinda....fallen apart. I guess Tuff Tarps aren't goat-proof. I was concerned - not so much about rain, but the lack of shade. It's been hot! So, we HAD to get the barn finished.

We'd been working on it - this was last week's starting point. All framed, inside the chicken run. The hens won't miss the space, and it gave the bucks more grazing area. We worked on it last week and this week, and Sunday at 7 PM, this is what we had:

No, it's not 100%, but it's done enough. The open area is "ventilation" :heh: - it actually is, and they need it as we're still having 100*+ days. The window is my feeding chute - when in Rut, bucks are....fragrant. And agressive. I didn't want to be knocked over, pee'd on, or anything like that, so - feeding chute. There's a Tuff-Goat feeder under it, and we're going to build a hay rack in front of the window this weekend. Right now, they can stick their heads thru it - the hay rack will prevent that while still letting me dump feed.

They're not too sure about this - the barn is big. And scary. And weird. :lol: They were all sleeping in it last night, though - so that's good. The chickens are scary goat-eating birds, though........Calvin told me so himself! :lol:

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