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It's Thursday....

and it's RAINING. :huzzah!: We need the rain badly, and the bucklings have shelter, so :huzzah:

A lady on DGI asked about a buck rag, so today I have a very stinky envelope on my desk. (A buck rag is a rag that you rub on an in-rut buck. STANKY doesn't even BEGIN to cover it! You use it when you don't have access to bucks, to see if your does are "in the mood" so you can time their visit to the stud farm.). It's funny.....we went out and rubbed Goliad (the Alpine) last night. I didn't think the rag was smelly enough, so I hauled it back out this AM. Dumped feed, rubbed him, put it in a ziploc, then went in the milkroom to milk. I put the bag on the door, and went on about my business.

Annie and Rosa came in, we got things done, and I let 'em loose. Annie hopped right down and ran into the loafing area; Rosa stopped and sniffed the (to me) not too stinky bag. I finally got her into the loafing area, and got Mocha and Zorra on the stands.

Now, my normal routine is to let the last 2 go, then grab the feed bucket and go in to feed. The door is shut but unlatched, because sometimes Mocha likes to take her time coming in. I didn't think anything of it, I just went in and fed. I counted the doelings, because Dulcinea likes to hop up on the stand to see what's there....looked like all was well, so I latched the door and went about cleaning the machine.

Went out to dump the soapy water, and saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Bear in mind, it's dark, it's drizzling, so I wasn't *sure* I saw something, but.....sure did look like Goliad was OUTSIDE the fence. Huh. Went inside, started running the bleach solution thru, then grabbed the flashlight and went out to check.

Seems Ms. Rosa found the rag *very* interesting, and wanted to go see the "real deal". :lol: She was out there sweet talking Goliad ("So, you come here often? How do you like the service? I can get you better hay..." :lol:) and he was eating it up. I grabbed her, and drug her back inside - then grabbed the rag for one last swipe (he was really ripe by then...:ugh:)

I'm sending it out in a few minutes - the rag is double-bagged, and in a padded mailer. Hope the Post Office doesn't decide I'm a domestic terrior or something - I admit it smells bad enough to kill flowers, but it's just a Buck Rag! :lol:

Yesterday went well - no meltdowns, no arguements. I could get used to this!
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