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Various blatherings and a pondering

Ugh. I'm sitting here with an aching head, a stuffy nose, icky throat, and dry, gritty eyes. I didn't sleep well last night, which explains the eyes; the rest is anyone's guess.

Erica Mudd just RAOK'd me with an Adagio Teas certificate. I *love* their chocolate tea, so I'll be ordering more of that soon.

A question was raised in one of my groups: When you finish a project, do you feel that you could have done better? If so, why; and why don't men seem to have the same feelings? Is it nature? Nuture?

Now, I can't, and wouldn't presume, to answer for everyone, but I can answer for me and my 2 kidlets. Yes, females seem to feel more inadequate than males.

I love the whole process of weaving. The warping (all the potential!), throwing the shuttle (wow! It looks *just* like I envisioned!)...but the minute I roll it off of the cloth beam, I start noticing all the "flaws". "Why did I change wefts like *that*?" "The colors don't work as well as I thought they would" "Why did I fix the broken warp thread like *that*?" And the kicker: "No one would like this. It's *horrible*"

I wove dishtowels as Christmas presents. Striped, in a twill sampler (each stripe was a different twill threading, and I change the treadling order every inch or so.) *I* saw horrible cloth - I misfigured the shrinkage rate, so they came out narrower than I wanted, the hems weren't perfectly even, some of the patterns were, well, weird. At this point, however, it was too late to rush another warp on the loom, so I *had* to use them. Horrors! I could imagine the responses: "Oh. A (pause) dishtowel. Very (pause) nice." "You...Made this? oh. It's nice."

Imagine my surprise when everyone *loved* them (or gave a very good impression of total and complete love.) I refrained from pointing out the *obvious* flaws - hey, I'll take what I can get - but it was hard.

Herself is the same way - she likes to draw and color. The drawings are, *I* think, a little better than your average 7 year olds, but she - she does NOT. "Mama, I drew a Triceritops today. Do you like it? I think it looks stupid. And weird. No one would like it" said very quickly - I couldn't even get a word in. I told her, No, it looked very nice - it was, in fact, a better Triceritops then I could draw (And it *is* - I can't draw a dinosaur, and have no desire to). She accepted it, but didn't buy it. Not even when I put it in a prominent place on our (over art-ed) Refrigerator.

Himself is *different*. Everything he does is perfect (to him) and everyone should acknowldge it. And if they don't - eh, they just don't know what they're talking about. He is supremely confident in everything he does - there is nothing impossible, just a little difficult.

I have tried very hard to praise both my children in all of their attempts - no matter how silly or weird they look *to me* (and Herself's pottery experiments look....weird. She's in too much of a hurry to keep them symetrical..but I keep telling her they look cool. They do, if you don't expect them to be *used* as, say, a cup. Art, yes....usable utensils...not yet.), they look good to them, or they wouldn't share it with me. So, I'm gonna have to go with nature on this one. Herself also *hates* new things - where He thrives on them, she complains and waffles and whines. Me? Depends. I don't like change....but new craft avenues are tentativly explored. However, I don't go telling anyone I'm trying something until I have it figured out. *g* I didn't tell *anyone* I was attempting to learn to spin until I had made my first "real" yarn. Weaving? Not until the first inkle band was completed and admired by Steve. Same thing with the knitting, and the leatherwork (only it was my FIL's approval I sought there - he used to do lots of leatherwork).

So, what does that say about us? *g*

Hope this made sense - my head is about to explode, my eyes are about to fall out...and I can't think straight.
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