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Totally Bizarre....

Let's see......weird stuffs is going on around here. First up, I'm CLEANING. That's enough to set off anyone's alarms...:lol: The master bedroom, kitchen, hall linen closet, and Music/Game/Tack room are all CLEAN. Not perfect, no, but still - clean. I've done at least 15 loads of laundry, and have at least 3 more to go. The kids' rooms are almost clean. :whew:

Second, I got bug-splatted. No biggie, except for the very loud hum right before it hit. Strange.

Third, I've made soap. That's not odd....but. I had made 3 new molds out of 6mm craft foam (works, cheap - if soap molds are holding you back, there ya go. Cut the pieces, duct tape them together, double-tape the seams, and voila! A mold! You do need to put them in a box or something, as the sides will bow, but still.) - I made them the EXACT size of my wood ones, the ones that hold a 2 pound recipe perfectly. Made a batch of soap....hmmm. Too much batter. I tossed the extra. (Stupid - live and learn!) Made another batch - still 2 pounds; I checked and double-checked my weights. TOO much - and this was in one of my *wood* molds. Poured the extra in another mold, and made batch #3. STILL too much.....I don't get it. I had 1/3 batch LEFT OVER after pouring. I have calibrated the scale, I checked and rechecked the numbers, and......weird.

I could understand a little left over, maybe. Not 1/3 of the batch! So, I have 3 full molds, and 1 2/3 full of leftovers - it's gonna be ugly, but still usable.

Also weird is the soap - the 2nd batch still isn't fully gelled. Yes, I am playing with oils...but....the first and 3rd batches are almost ready to pop out, while the 2nd batch is still oily-looking. No zap, so that's good, but.....I've never had this happen before. :weirdness:

The pool salt chlorinator died, so we had to replace the cell. :gulp: Weirdness - the plug has also died. Brand new plug, covered, not much rain. No idea WHY it's dead, but SG is replacing the replacement right now.

Hit the butcher shop yesterday...they sold me a "freezer filler" package. Not hardly, but at least we have meat again. IF we're here after RH, I'll go back and buy another one or 2. I like having a full freezer - you never know when you'll be broke and can't buy groceries.

This AM was spent repackaging copper boluses for the goats. I had bought the 12.5 gram Copasures, and some 00 gel caps. I have no clue how others repackage; I also bought a "Capsule Machine" that fills 24 00 gel caps at a time. Easy-peasy, it takes maybe 5 minutes to do. 5 Copasures fill 24 00 gel caps perfectly. :nods:

I have 2 gallons of milk I need to convert to soap. Soon as SG gets me a box made to hold the craft foam molds, I'll be in business. Soap keeps...and is useful. I sent off 36 bars to the Annual Meeting with my SIL, so we're down to....well....we can always use more soap. :lol:

Rosh Ha'shanah is coming up! Are you ready? We have food, critter feed, hay.....I'm ready for the Rapture, or being here but set apart, or being here thru the shit that's coming. And it IS coming - make no mistake. l highly suggest you take some time to think things are bad now? Just wait....:shudder:
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