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Still raining....

make that Pouring. 2.5" in the last 24 hours, per my co-worker. The creek's risen a LOT, and we have standing water EVERYWHERE. And no signs of let-up anytime soon. Forecasters said that Hermine was gone.....somehow, I don't think that word means what they think it means. :lol:

Bucks are LOVING thier barn - they were all nice and snug and dry this AM. I am loving the feed window - I could dump hay and grain without getting mobbed by wet, stanky bucks.

Got the shut-off valves yesterday - and these WORK. :huzzah: No more hose-crimping! :happy dance:

Not much else to report - tonight begins Rosh Ha'shanah! Happy New Year! May the New Year bless you and bring you closer to God!
Tags: goats, religion

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