Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Doin' a lot of thinking....

about everything. Very introspective. It's tough.....but apparently necessary. (Yes, still here, and not really surprised. Hopes slightly dashed, but my faith is still strong)

Goats are back up to 1.5 gallons/day. Need to soap!

Speaking of, last week's batches? All but 1 were HORRIBLE. I had to throw the mis-matched one out; it had pockets and was leaking oil. My rainforest one finally absorbed the oil, and cut perfectly; the bay rum one (for SG) is curing, but the bars are too big and still slightly squishy. The purple/blue one (for Herself) cut OK, but it's STILL leaking. No pockets, though. I can't figure out what happened - somehow the measurements were off. :shrug: Live and learn - I'll try again after YK.

SG got an iPad from work - SOOOOOOOOOOOO not impressed. It's basically an iPhone on steroids - I can live without it easily. I think that hurt his feelings, but - don't need it, or want it. It doesn't fill any need that I have. :shrug:
Tags: blather, goats, soap
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