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Previous Entry It's Wednesday! Sep. 15th, 2010 @ 08:18 am Next Entry
And I have a lunch date! :whoo!:

Did Herself's hair last night. This time? A heart:

Still need to work on the top, but it's recognizable! She doesn't care, she just wants it up, but I think she likes it when the other girls comment on it. :grin:

Mocha is in heat again. I checked the calendar - exactly 21 days! So....I need to start all the does on tetracycline (because of the Pink Eye we had this Spring), and give Calvin and the Nubian does their Bo-Se shots, and copper boluses. (Want to try and increase multiples!).

The plan is to breed the Nubians in October, then the Alpines in December, and the Cashmeres in January. By staggering the breedings, we should have milk all winter...we'll see how it works. By Bo-Se'ing all of them, we should increase the chance of twins/trips, and make them healthier. (Pink Eye can cause abortions, so you do a round of tetracycline to prevent that. All the affected does got the shots already, but I want to make sure everyone's covered.)

Gearing up for Yom Kippur. Friday dinner will be big, since everyone but Himself is fasting for YK.

Gotta skitter - it's payday!
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