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There's a light....

it's almost the weekend! And the world is, indeed, coming to some sort of.....something. Why do I say this? Himself - ALL by Himself, mind you - cleaned my weaving room. He wasn't asked, he simply offered. :boggle: The sky is falling, indeed!

The good news is that my weaving room is clean. The bad news (besides the fact that *finding* anything will be problematical for a bit) is that I have "rediscovered" my sock yarn stash. Collection. Whatever. I need to get knitting! :lol:

The new dairy wipes? The jury's out. They were hard to get started, and they are not as thick or as large as the diaper wipes I've been using. On the other hand, they are designed for dairy use, and smell nice (and feel softer.) So....we'll see.

Mocha is buck-crazy. To the point she's not eating. :sigh: Next month is breeding time...I can live thru this cycle. :lol:

I started the Nubians on tetracycline last night. No, they aren't sick, and no, this isn't "normal" pre-breeding management. We had pinkeye this Spring....and one of the bugs that causes pinkeye "hides out" in the doe, and causes abortion storms. I don't want that, so everybody will get tetracycline (3.5 cc/100 pounds for 5 days - only I gave 5cc last night. :shrug:) to prevent that. Even the bucks! I'll do the Alpines next, then the Cashmeres.

I need to give Bo-Se shots to the Nubians, too - next week, I think. (1 cc/40 pounds), and Lysigin to the virgin doelings (5 cc, repeat in 21 days) - this is to help prevent staph mastitis. I'll do the Alpines in November (for December breedings - I'm trying to stagger them for year-round milk), and the Cashmeres at some point in there.

Everybody needs copper bolusing this month. :sigh: It's never-ending, isn't it? :lol:

So much to do, so little time!
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