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Busy, busy...

yesterday was. Too bad I couldn't' *tell* you about it, because this stupid Compaq decided to LOSE IE. :sigh: It's sorta working today...or, now. :sigh:

Work was...interesting. We've been hashing out our insurance - our premiums here, for the 2 of us and my 2 children, are $4K PER MONTH. No, that's not a mis-type, no that's not rounded up (well, OK - the actual premium we are paying right now is $3,488/month. We just got the renewal notice.....$3,788/month. So....yeah, a little rounding going on, but not that much). For that, we get so-so coverage....

Well, we are trying to be model employees, we're trying to keep the bank appeased, and we're trying (hey, I'll admit it!) to keep the boss happy so we get bonuses. We've been looking at other options - the fact that company-provided insurance will soon be taxable (don't kid yourself - it starts out this year as a W-2 item; this is the prelim. You're going to end up being taxed on it as a benefit.) really pushed us to look hard. We decided to float the idea of Company paying for: co-workers AARP supplement, and Sweet Geek's coverage of me and the kids.

The breakdown is $650/month for me and the kids (SG works for a LARGE company; cheaper rates!) and $1200/month for co-worker. (Or thereabouts). When we ran the numbers, we would be SAVING the company $20,000+/year. :boggle:

Long story short, she went for it, so we get "raises". (Which take affect *after* YK and Sukkot, ironically). :boggle: Like I said, weird day!

SG brought home horse feed - I get to go out today and get goat feed (yeah..the goats are his, and most of the horses are mine.....goat feed's cheaper, so I don't complain!). Last night we also ran to TSC......I am now stocked up on needles, syringes, tetracycline, and "flock blocks" (basically hen scratch in block form. Our hens LOVE it!). :sigh: More $$ than I wanted to spend, but I won't have to buy supplies for a good long while. (I do re-use the needles if they aren't bent - a quick trip thru boiling water sanitizes them. Needles aren't cheap!)

Think that's it....I'll be off-line until Sunday at the earliest, so have a good weekend!
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