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decided to change the girl's milkstand rations. (Yes, I'll switch over slowly, and it'll be just in time to take them *off* the grain this year, but hey - no biggie! :lol:) I've been feeding a 50/50 mix of goat pellet/alfalfa pellet. It's OK - the girls look good, and are producing, but not to their potential. Plus, this is the time to start "flushing" them, so it's a good idea to start now.

"Flushing" is when you up the grain right before breeding. It (theoretically, anyway) tells the goats' body "HEY! There's plenty of food here - I can have twins/triplets/quads!". Not that I WANT trips/quads, but....the more kids, the more milk the doe will produce. :grin: (And..excess kids WILL be going to freezer camp this year. We only need 5 more for our Ag Exemption - so that's that. Still not sure we'll be breeding the

I spent the morning on DGI, searching for feeding recipes. What I decided on was (for the moment) 50 pounds oats, 25 pounds chops (chopped corn) and 12.5 pounds BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds), topped with a handful of the Mill's version of Calf Manna. IF I see a difference in milk production, I'll get the Mill to custom mix it for me - they'll do that if I order 500 pounds at a time (that's only 10 bags...and we're blowing thru that in goat pellets every month *now* - actually, more. :sigh:)

I tried a handful on the girls - they almost ate my hand! :lol:

I know it's late in the lactation cycle, but it won't hurt, it might help us have more kids, and it'll get the girls on the stands quicker.

DGI recommends beet pulp and barley added to the mix, but my Mill doesn't carry either one. No biggie - this is a good mix, it'll add protein and carbs and oil, and should improve the coats. If we're lucky, it'll improve the milk, too - an added bonus!

I'm tired - I unloaded and mixed the feed, did laundry, TOTALLY cleaned out the doe area (the kids got home in time to clean the kid area for me - THANK YOU!), re-bedded the entire barn (I use shredded paper - it's great, and it composts great. The chickens LOVE scratching around in it - THAT was one of our better ideas; letting the chickens be in charge of the compost heap!), then came in, took a quick shower, and got the dining area ready for the Sabbath. :whew: I need to rest a bit before milking...and it's looking like rain.. :huzzah!:
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