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It's alive - it's Alive!

barely. Today was doctor day. We left the house at 8:30. Stopped at Target (Mesquite) to try and find some SW action figures ("it HAS to be Luke Skywalker and R2D2!") for Himself's dice. So, on to Dallas.

Stopped at the N. Dallas dice. *sigh* Went to my doctor (it is now 10 AM).

At 11, we're finally called back. Doc comes in, plays with my arm, gives me a few exercises..agrees I can weave (been there) and spin (not yet)...when I mentioned knitting I got the "oh don't even Go There!" look. So....OK.

Went to lunch (Purple Cow - a 50's style soda fountain). Headed to North Park Mall (never Again - NO toy stores in sight). Disappointed boy.

His doctor (same building as mine; 3.5 hours later, 6 floors up). New doctor; he did a full exam and changed ALL his meds (he upped the dosages. *sigh*). He heard me cough, and almost jumped out of the room...then said "Y'know, I recommend a decongestant, like Sudafed, for *that* cough - I mean, HIS cough. The pills...well, He can't take them, so I'd tell you the liquid, but for *that* cough; yeah. 2 pills - um, Tbls a night before bed." I think I like this guy!

Headed out. Stopped at Toys R Us - SCORE. We got the Playschool Jedi Force Luke and R2. They look stupid, but hey - he likes them. Dropped off his 3 new prescriptions; went to get Herself. Back to the Pharmacy...they charged me for his inhalent, but didn't give it to me (I TOLD them I'd get it on Friday. It's $30 per box, for pete's sake, and...the Zithromax he put Himself on was also $30. I wanted to wait......)

Finally home. At 6 PM. I am bushed. I am a bad mommy - did TV dinners tonight. I need to rustle up me some food so I can take my decongestant *g*, then gotta give Himself his new meds. Yippee.

Think I'll go crawl into a hole now.....
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