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I am such a Horrible Mother.....

no, really. I have a post brewing, but this needs to be told (I'm all about transparency, remember? :lol:). I am horrible. Terrible. Why?

Well, last week Herself asked me to find and print some crochet patterns for her. No biggie - I took my lunch hour and found most of the critters on her list. I also found - gasp - some crochet sock patterns. (First proof of how horrible I am) 1 pair was a plain-jane pair, 1 was patterned, and 1 was origami. (What? She Loves Origami, I figured this was a good fit! 2nd proof of how insidious I am!) I shuffled the socks into the critters, and handed her the folder on Friday. She flipped thru them, stopped at the socks, and gave me *the* look. Nothing was said....then. :snicker:

Sunday, I pulled out my current sock project (plain stockinette sock in Fire Lizard Studios "Stargazing" colorway). (I fasted from knitting/spinning/weaving/CRAFTING on Saturday) There I sat, happily working on my sock and studiously ignoring my daughter, who had pulled out the new patterns and was perusing them. (Proof #3. :snicker:) Herself was watching me......a few minutes later she said "Mom?" ":pause: Huh?" "How did you *do* that? Did you do color changes every row, or..?" "Oh! No, it's all in the yarn. See? Self-striping. My favorite type of sock yarn - looks harder than it is!" :back to knitting:

"Mom?" "yeah?" "Do you sock yarn really tiny?" :snicker: "Huh. Well... here, come look at my basket and see what you think." (I am an adult. I can share my stash...I really can. There's no way I can possibly knit all the sock yarn I have stashed - even with the sock machine. I really can share......)

She hemmed, she hawed, she petted (THAT's why I am HORRIBLE. I let her PET the sock yarn. Bad mom! Bad! :lol:) - she ended up with 2 colorways. "Can I......would this.......doyouthinkIcouldmakesockswiththis?" :GOTCHA!: "Sure! I didn't have plans for those (I lie. The "Poems in Color" (I think that's the name) was purchased for me, but hey - I have disposable income and can buy more. She's on a fixed income, so....I can share. I can.) You'll need to wind them into balls, but go for it!"

:lol: So, she wound, and started a pair yesterday. Gave up, because "Mom! There's NO WAY this will fit my toes! I don't know WHAT that writer means! The toe-ups aren't gonna fit, and this yarn sucks (it's a singles, and it's grabby. I'll grant her that...but sucks? Not hardly - and it's SO PRETTY - sorry. I digress!) and and and..." "OK. Look - this is kinda fuzzy stuff - why don't you do a swatch -" "WHAT?" ":deep breath: Look, before you start with the other yarn - which is smooth and will be easier to learn with - you need to make sure that you are getting the right gauge - stitches per inch - that the pattern calls for. You might need to use a different hook size - I'm sure crochet is like knitting here. Just because the pattern calls for a "C" hook (or whatever) doesn't mean that's what *you* need to use. Let's says chain 19 to start. So......I suggest you chain 40 and work a square, then I'll help you measure." "But.....if I do that, I won't have enough yarn for the socks, will I?" "Um...yeah, because you don't have to *keep* the swatch - just measure it, then you can frog it and start the sock. See? No big deal - and I guarantee that those 2 balls WILL make a pair of socks for you, with a little left over." (Please note that I did NOT mention that I almost NEVER swatch - especially not for a sock. I use the cuff as my swatch....and yes, I do have to frog occassionally. Not often, though - but she's never done clothing before, so she needs to learn how to do it "right" before jumping in and doing like me.)

So, yes - I am HORRIBLE. I have seduced my daughter to the sock side.....:snicker: And I do not repent of it one bit. See, IF it takes, I now have an excuse to buy more sock yarn - for HER - in colorways that *I* would never choose. I enjoy fondling yarn, I enjoy bringing it home...but then it sits, all forlorn. Now? I can do what I enjoy, AND I can enjoy seeing someone *wearing* them, only *I* didn't have to work it up! :lol:
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