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Previous Entry Argle-bargle.... Sep. 22nd, 2010 @ 08:54 am Next Entry
The Nubians are READY to breed. They've had their shots, they've been bolused, and I just need to trim hooves (but when do I not? It's a never-ending chore, I swear!). The other goats were also bolused......THAT was a fiasco!

I knew I really needed to do all 15 at once, for easier record-keeping. I had bought a bolus-gun (have you SMELLED a buck? I mean, really.....:sick:), I read up on technique, and I thought I was *ready*. I brought a spoonful of peanut butter out to the barn (to "stick" the gel caps on the gun), counted out my boluses, and that's when it all went to Hell. :snicker:

Himself tried to help.....but he's not coordinated enough to grab the nose, open the mouth, insert the gun, and push the plunger. (Neither am I, but...) So, he held the spoon and reloaded the gun for me. *I* got to grab the goats, etc etc.

We started with the girls. Nailed the doelings pretty quickly - I can sit on them, they aren't big enough to put up a huge fight, and hey! Peanut butter! Annie and Mocha weren't too bad - they are pretty easy-going when it comes to people-stuff; Zorra was a pill, but I managed. Rosa....took 3 tries. (1 for each gel cap! Go me!)

By this point, I was COVERED in peanut butter and goat snot. And copper rods - Rosa manged to crunch 2 of the caps. (I figure, she got most of it, so we're good.) I still had 2 does to go, then the bucks. (I really didn't want to try and pill in-heat does smelling like....well, like the bucks.)

I grabbed Sunny. She BIT ME. To the BONE. So, her gel caps were bloody-peanut butter flavored. :sigh: Himself ran to the house for med supplies while I tried to cram 3 caps down LaDue.....it took 5 tries, but I succeeded.

I cleaned up, and we started milking.

When the 2nd round of milkers was hooked up, I went in to do the bucks. (No, the worst hasn't happened - yet. :sigh:) Goliad was easy - he stuck his head thru the fence, so I grabbed him and crammed his 2 caps down him. The peanut butter acted as an aphrodisiac.....really, it's best that you don't ask. :sigh:

Calvin wanted in on it, but he wouldn't stick his head in the fence. I had to go in there - I was armed with the gun, the spoon (with gel caps sticking up out of the peanut butter), and a towel - if you've ever smelled a rutty buck, you'll understand this. He was pretty easy - once the peanut butter hit his tongue, he could have cared less what I was doing - more PB, please!

Hobbes was feisty, but I got his 2 down him. By this time, Sweet Geek was home, and was laughing at the rodeo. Little did he know....

Jayne. Oh, how I hate Jayne. It took both of us to get him cornered. SG finally grabbed him, and pulled him up on his back legs. I managed to get 1 cap down him before he jabbed SG with his head and broke free. We re-cornered him in the barn (at which point Goliad, who was madly in love with my spoon, decided to pee on SG)....I had just managed to shove the gun down his throat when he KICKED ME IN THE FACE. :sigh:

So, now I'm covered with peanut butter, blood, copper rods, goat snot, and Goliad-pee (I didn't move fast enough.) I am hurting, but Jayne still needs 1 more cap. I ended up sitting on him....but I think he spit it out. I do NOT CARE - he's not gonna breed, and as soon as I can figure out the logistics, I am hauling his sorry butt to the vet for a major snip job. I am SO done with him!

Funny? Yes, indeed.

Needless to say, I took a shower and then hauled everyone out to eat. I was in no mood to cook anything....

Himself finished the milking and part of the clean-up. He can't haul the full bucket, so we cleaned the machine.....but he's a big help. He was also grateful HE didn't have to mess with the bucks - he would have been seriously injured. They aren't mean, but they all weigh mroe than him and don't realize it.

Today? I am stiff, I am sore, my finger is swollen and bruised (goat molars are strong, y'all!)...my face is OK - no bruising, thankfully! The goats are fine......Goliad was hunting for my spoon, but that's OK. :lol:

In other news, it's picture day for Herself. Her hair is in a modified "Queen Anne" - 2 french braids along the top of her head, with the ends wrapped in a bun. 2 accent braids starting under the french braids, and looped up under the bun. The rest of the hair is french braided and left in a tail - I was too tired and sore to wrap it in a bun the way the "real" Queen Anne is. Looks good - survived the night! I need to practise the bun, but still - it's a good-looking style for her. (No photos....was too tired last night and didn't think of it until now. :bangs head:)
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From:Anna Marie
Date:September 22nd, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)

FB thinger

Let's hope this FB thinger works, eh?

I don't know what to tell you about your goats. I must have lucked out and gotten really docile critters, cuz NONE of them act like yours. :X

BTW, you're going to like today's post. Considering the 'times' (and the fact that I still can't accept it's 'over' yet)... check THIS out!
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Date:September 22nd, 2010 03:29 pm (UTC)

Re: FB thinger

Hey! It worked! Coolness (and I can actually get ON my LJ now! Even cooler!)

My goats are full-sized, and the previous owner....well, they've been in goats for years, but don't do all the stuff I'm doing. No copper boluses, no Bo-Se shots, etc. Their goats are fine...but I want mine to be in tip-top shape, y'know? And, Annie and Mocha are sweethearts...so is Rosa, she's just a big lug. The Cashmeres, though...they're tough and don't *need* people. (Or so they think. :lol:)
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From:Ali Snowdale
Date:September 22nd, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
just coppered our crew this weekend too, wrapped the pills in marshmallow and then rolled it in herbal calcium - but the goats thought it was herbal calci-YUM and gobbled it right up - only one balked at it.
They are all rarin' to breed, but I told them we are waiting till october.
(spin a yarn)
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