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We pulled out the telescope last night to try and see Jupiter. We were able to find the moon (It's WAY cool - if you've never looked at the moon thru a 'scope, you really need to!), but never could locate Jupiter. (I mean, with the 'scope. We could see it by naked eye, but couldn't calibrate the 'scope correctly). We'll try again tonight.

Finally finished my Stargazing socks. (I started them when? Beginning of the year? It's been awhile...). I immediately CO for a pair of "Nutkin" socks. What? I am in sock-mode again - it's been far too long.

Plus, a new yarn store opened near work. It's very small....not much selection (they've been open since Aug. 2), and it was empty. Just the 2 employees/owners. My coworker had gone in on Tuesday to get me a card....when SG and I went in yesterday, the lady *remembered my email from my coworker* I hope they make it......but. They need a larger selection - *I* have more sock yarn in my stash then they have for sale, and I have a *small* stash!, they had very little variety in colorways (no real loud-and-screaming, most were very sedate), and they Seriously - what they do have was 1 copy each, and it took up 2 small - think file cabinet size - shelves. Again, *I* have more books than that! And NO spinning stuffs....and the lady - who I assume was the owner - said No. She doesn't LIKE it, so....No. (And I got the vibe that *I* am weird because I have dirty, smelly goats. Folks, most "real" knitters go bonkers when they hear we have Cashmere on the hoof; this lady? :ewwwww: :sigh:)

I do hope they make it....but I'm not holding my breath. I'll help 'em out - I can always use yarn, and so can Herself....but I can only do so much. They have no signage..that'll have to be rectified.

Anyway, we went and browsed and shopped. I came away with 6 pairs of socks-worth of yarn (What? That's mild, for me!)....6 skeins of Plymouth "Happy Feet", 2 balls of Plymouth...something, has merino/bamboo/nylon, and 1 ball of ..... Luxor? Socketta? Anyway, they only had 3 vendors of sock yarn (sad, huh?), and I got a sampling of each. (That's 2 pairs of socks for SG and me, and 1 each for the kids - IF the kids are interested in any of the yarn. So far, they're not.)

I started Nutkin with 1 of the Happy Feet colorway - #26, I think. Autumn colors. The yarn is OK, nothing to brag about, but we'll see how it knits up.

Need to get to work!
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