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Previous Entry :ugh: My language... Sep. 27th, 2010 @ 11:58 am Next Entry
has deteriorated this AM. To the point that I really need to reboot my vocabulary.

See, we're having PC problems at work. My PC is, once again (I think) infected - even with Norton on the case! Today is contract work day, so I hauled my (beloved) MacBook in. Easy-peasy, right?

Only, no. The downloading of the receipts went pretty well...I D/L'd them to a flash drive, since the Mac isn't hooked up to a printer (don't ask....I do NOT want to try and explain the weirdness that is our office printing system. Let's just say that SG came in (for something else), looked at it, and told me my way was best.),but no biggie - I printed 'em off on my OTHER PC (yes, I have 2 office PC's.)

When I went to D/L the timesheets, however.....that's where the fun began. I couldn't actually download them - my Mac wouldn't display them. So...I fiddled, I tried this and that, and finally exported them to Excel (only...not really), printed as a .pdf, and we were good. I thought.

Damn things didn't print half the info! Some of them have the wrong # of days, or miles or or or...:bangs head:

I *THINK* I'm finally ready to cut checks....2 hours behind schedule. :sigh:

Computer tech is supposed to be here tomorrow. Hope he doesn't toss the PC out the window.....
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