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I'm here, but not on my PC. It's still dead. Somehow, I got a virus and it's taken 9 hours - SO FAR - to get it "almost clean". Techie is gonna do...something, then rebuild the something else, then take a snapshot of the new, freshly cleaned drive before bringing it back up.

So I'll be on the MacBook tomorrow and Friday. :sigh:

Anyway - NEWS! Yesterday about 4 PM, Ms. Leah presented us with Princess Oops - a lovely little chestnut filly that looks suspiciously like Finn. :lol: Yes, we knew she was bred....but I didn't think she was due quite yet (I thought mid-October. Oops!) She's a pretty thing, Arab head and long, lean paint body - but she's not Paint. Which means the seller lied about Leah - he said she was homo.....hom....whatever that word is that means she'll always throw color. Whatever - Princess Oops is precious! I think Magic is bred, as well....we'll know soon enough. :sigh: and :grin: (Finn is now fixed, so it won't happen again.)

Gotta run - got lots to check out before leaving!
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