Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


Still on the Mac. Need to take and edit photos of "Daisy"....yup. Princess Ooops' official name is "Daisy" in "Oopsie Daisy" :lol:

Have started on the annual present-hunt. Each kid gets 8 (1 for each day in Hannukah), and they get "bigger" as the Feast progresses. Now, I don't mean bigger as in more expensive (although it sometimes works out that way), I mean bigger as in more......ooomph. Like, this year, Himself will be getting a RC airplane. It was only $30 (I LOVE eBay), but it's "Big". (His other prezzies so far are Star Wars model kits - again, cheap on eBay. They're "small", though, compared to the airplane.) Herself wants a lot of crochet, yarn and hooks are "small". I think her Biggie will be a RC dragon (waiting to hear if my offer is accepted. The seller wants $39.99...I offered $35. We'll see...) Himself wants more Star Wars books - he's plowed thru all the ones I have. Half Price will be getting a visit soon. :lol: (Yes, I do it on the cheap - why not? Need to save the funds for important stuff like groceries!)

My bank's website is down, so I can't pay the water bill. :sigh: Had to stop shopping so I wouldn't spend we need to get SG's truck looked at again - it's overheating. The quote was $300.....:yikes:

Gotta skitter - 3 hours to go!
Tags: blather, kids

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