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Friday! - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase — LiveJournal

About Friday!

Previous Entry Friday! Oct. 1st, 2010 @ 09:02 am Next Entry
Still on the Mac. Need to take and edit photos of "Daisy"....yup. Princess Ooops' official name is "Daisy"...as in "Oopsie Daisy" :lol:

Have started on the annual present-hunt. Each kid gets 8 (1 for each day in Hannukah), and they get "bigger" as the Feast progresses. Now, I don't mean bigger as in more expensive (although it sometimes works out that way), I mean bigger as in more......ooomph. Like, this year, Himself will be getting a RC airplane. It was only $30 (I LOVE eBay), but it's "Big". (His other prezzies so far are Star Wars model kits - again, cheap on eBay. They're "small", though, compared to the airplane.) Herself wants a lot of crochet stuff.....so, yarn and hooks are "small". I think her Biggie will be a RC dragon (waiting to hear if my offer is accepted. The seller wants $39.99...I offered $35. We'll see...) Himself wants more Star Wars books - he's plowed thru all the ones I have. Half Price will be getting a visit soon. :lol: (Yes, I do it on the cheap - why not? Need to save the funds for important stuff like groceries!)

My bank's website is down, so I can't pay the water bill. :sigh: Had to stop shopping so I wouldn't spend it...plus we need to get SG's truck looked at again - it's overheating. The quote was $300.....:yikes:

Gotta skitter - 3 hours to go!
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