Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's a Monday, alright....

Lack of sleep is showing. :sigh: Need to do something about that...

The mares hadn't been up for food since Friday AM, so Saturday afternoon I went hunting for them. They were down across the creek, and I figured it wouldn't be more than a nice, pleasant jaunt to check them over. HA!

Seems the county hasn't kept up their part of the bargain -they have a Right of Way along the creek, and are supposed to keep it mowed/dredged. I knew they hadn't mowed in a few years......seems they haven't dredged, either. The land back there is all a huge bog for about 20' on either side of the creek - and the bog? Is RUNNING. Had a really strong current, too.....

I fell once, and got covered with icky, sticky, Texas caliche mud. :shudder: I slogged on down to where the girls were - they were fine, the ungrateful wretches, and stayed a few minutes to pet and check them out. Magic's still fat...can't tell if it's baby or hay. :lol: Daisy was fine and bouncy; Boots and Leah were nice and mellow.

I slogged back...fell again. :sigh: I finally stepped out of the (too large) boots and slogged my way barefoot up to the back of the horse paddocks. Sweet Geek had gotten worried, so had come down on the tractor- I'm not sure what he was thinking, as the tractor would NOT have made it to where the horses were, but he was being thoughtful - so I ended up hitching a ride back to the house.

The girls came up for dinner Saturday evening....then skipped yesterday breakfast. They did decide they needed dinner...AND they were up for breakfast this AM. Guess my slogging and cussing made them decide to humor the silly humans. :lol:

I wasn't worried about them starving - the back acre is all winter wheat and oats, so there's plenty to graze on. I just wanted to make sure no one had gotten snake-bit or anything.

The kids did a good job moving pallets yesterday -the front of the barn is all nice and clean. We want to put a table and chair set there, so we can enjoy the "nice" weather. (All 2 weeks of it!)

Office PC is supposed to be back today :fingers crossed:
Tags: blather, country life, pets

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