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In which you discover how blonde I am.....

Boss came in early, so this is typed on the fly...(I dunno...maybe to make up for the fact she came in at 3 PM yesterday. We...close at 4. I..have no clue.) (AND...she just left. In at 9, out by 10:45. Yeah..I dunno.)

I have wanted to learn Hebrew for a while. I've looked at Rosetta Stone - $500+ is a bit too pricey for an un-necessary bit of frivolity, so I put it on the back burner. I mean, sure, if an Israeli invasion were immenant, then yeah - I'd plunk down the funds with no problem. Want to be able to smooze the new rulers, right? :wink:'s not, and it's just something I *want* to do,'s not vital. It's on the "when we can afford it" list.

The other day Anna posted her HS log...and she's teaching Hebrew! I quickly fired off an email, asking for links - I know she's busy, so I'm NOT in a rush - then decided that if *she*, who is the Queen of Bargain-hunting (no, seriously - I am a rank beginner compared to her!), could find free/cheap, then by-golly, so could I! :lol: and :wink:

Where to start? Google served up a TON of do I know what's good? About that time my eye fell on my phone - DOH! iTunes! What's the tag-line? "There's an App for that!"

(Before I go any further, let me say that I *will* be getting Rosetta Stone at some point. It immerses you, so you learn to read/write/speak all at once. iTunes - at least what I've found free/cheap (and by cheap I mean under $10) - is speak/understand only, and mostly only vocabulary. Words are important, but if you don't have the grammar, you don't sound very intelligent, and can't really hold a conversation. Maybe if I get a bonus I can spring for Rosetta Stone....I have looked at other paid services....and RS seems to be the best. The Home Schooling Edition is a bit cheaper, and it offers lesson plans, flash cards, and a slew of other, that's the way we'll go. Eventually. If the dollar doesn't go *splat*.), there's *not* an App for everything. Gaelic, for example. BUT....what doesn't have an App has podcasts! (SG wants to learn, he has a start!)

So. There's a LOT out there. I downloaded the free version of Word Power - you get sent a word a day. It has electronic flash cards with the Hebrew word, the word in "English transliteration", and the English word, AND a native speaker pronounces it. You can hear it over and over, you can record yourself to compare the pronunciation, and you can save it to your "Word Bank". I played around with it....and went ahead and bought the full version ($9.99) - almost 2,000 words. (I...don't like the way I sound, so I'm not doing the recording part...but it has it.)

There's a bunch of podcasts, too - but I haven't tried any of those yet. Conflicting reviews on the one I, we'll see.

Himself caught me listening last night, so joined in. He learned "brother", "sister", "Father", and "Football". :lol:

I like it....but I want *more*. So...I'll keep looking. And saving my pennies. And seeing what else is out there.

I don't know if non-iPod/Pad/Phone players can do the Apps...but the podcasts will work on ANY computer with if you're wanting to learn a language (not just Hebrew - you'd be surprised at what all is out there!), this might be a good fit. iTunes is a free (large) download....and you can burn the podcasts to CD for listening in the car. (Some people don't use iTunes, so I thought I'd toss that out there.)
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