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Some days it's just not worth it!

Seriously - ever had one of THOSE days? Where it seemed Murphy was in charge?


This day is already cursed. It started off OK....we milked fine, got 1/2 gallon, everything worked great. Kids got up pretty much on time, Herself was in a GRAND mood (this is good - she had a Doc. appt, and got to miss school)......everything seemed well.

Until we got to Starbucks...and I dropped. My. iPhone. On the tile floor.

Yup - the screen is SHATTERED. Toast. The phone is still usable - as a phone - but you can't read the screen very well, so all the apps are basically worthless, and I can't really search for phone numbers and stuff. :sigh: and :sob:

Yes, it's JUST a phone. But......they're not cheap. We do have the funds to replace it - in savings - but that's gonna take away from the tax payment (maybe this is a sign? I gotta have a phone....yes, I could downgrade, but I'm sure AT&T won't let me out of my contract (which should be up soon, but.....) and....... I LIKED my phone. I had it figured out. I don't WANT to have to learn a whole new system.

I'm trying to look on the "bright" side - I can upgrade to the iPhone 4.0! :sob: I know, I'm having to stretch here....I didn't WANT to upgrade. I was HAPPY with my phone - the screen had a teeny-tiny chip in it, but it worked, it was my "friend", and.....damnitall! (In case you haven't figured it out yet, I do NOT do change well. I had to be convinced to go with the iPhone to begin with....and now? I don't want something else. I LIKE Apple products (I am NOT a Jobs' fangirl!), I like how intuitive they are, and....I don't want a new phone! I want MY phone!)

Sweet Geek has time before the doc appointment, so he's got my phone and my Debit Card, and he's heading to the local AT&T store. I'm sure they'll have to talk to me.....but....:sigh: At least I sync'd it Wednesday everything is backed up to the Dell (which probably just went belly-up, as well. That wouldn't surprise me, what with everything *else* that's going on!)

In other news, both my scales died last night, too - in the MIDDLE of measuring out the oils for soap. I have to toss at least 2 pounds of oils - the "good" scale got to 12.3 oz and quit. No matter what I did, everything weighed 12.3 oz....adding oil, removing the bowl and putting an empty measuring cup on it, still - 12.3 oz. The new scale, the one that isn't calibrated right? Said everything was 9.5 oz...or 9.7. It couldn't make up it's mind.

Oh, and my Cuisinart stick blender was full of rusty water when I went to set up for soapmaking. :big sigh: Fortunately, I have a KitchenAid one.....but......

I think I need to step away from the electronics for a bit, what do you think?

Huh. Maybe this'll push SG to move my iPhone stuff to the MacBook, off of the Dell......I'd like to have my phone sync to the Mac.....I need to do some reading and see what needs to be done. Probably have to haul both laptops to the Apple'd be worth it....(I'm still trying to find the bright-side, here....not working, is it?)

OK....umm...Oh! Found a software I think I'll be getting: Eurotalk's Learn Hebrew. SG downloaded the freebie Gaelic version on his iPad (don't think I'll play with it today - I'm cursed!) and I was looking at it on the drive in. I like the format, I like the games (the Easy one, anyway!)....he's gonna download the freebie Hebrew one for me to play with. Sunday. I'm NOT going to touch his iPad until this......until Murphy decides to move on. :sigh: (The full version is $29.95 on eBay, so it's not a huge investment. I might do that on payday, after all this crap is past.)
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