Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

In which the day gets marginally better....

We went to the Apple Store. :sigh: That weird. Seriously weird. You have a greeter, who takes you to a....I dunno....concierge, who takes down your info and hands you off to a "genius". :snerk: You then wait...and wait...and wait, for them to "order" your phone from the back.

They didn't give me the option of the 3Gs, so I ended up with a 16GB 4.0.

After you get your phone, you go with the "genius" to pay, etc, then you're handed off to someone *else* to "transfer contacts"

OK.....*I* can transfer my own damn contacts, thank you very much! *I* wanted them to transfer other stuff - photos, ringtones, etc. (Yes, I have a custom ringtone for almost everybody on my "answer" list. If you have the generic ringtone, then.....I can ignore you with no problems. :lol:)

We got there at 12:15.....we got *home* at 2:45. It took over a freaking HOUR for the above to happen....and I STILL had to sync with iTunes to get the thing updated. At least the phone was fully charged and capable of making/receiving calls! (My beloved 3.0 arrived dead...and I couldn't use it until I had sync'd it the first time, which took over an hour.)

I decided to try and be smart - I first sync'd my old phone to the Mac - see, not only did I get a new phone, but I decided to move everything to MY laptop - I'd been sync'ing to the kids'. Not very convienent.....Anyway, when I did that, it wiped out the old phone. :grrrrr: OK, plan 2..

I sync'd the new phone to the did it's thing, and I got everything EXCEPT ringtones and Apps. OK....I fiddled, figured out how to authorize the Mac, and now have all my Apps. I am going to have to manually transfer my ringtones...but I have to remember how/where they are. :lol: (OH, I also lost Dr. I had to rebuy it. $4.99.....:sigh: Ah, well....)

So, I have a shiny new phone - that I did NOT plan on getting. It's nice.....but honestly? I prefer the feel of the 3.0 model. The 4.0 is more.....square. Flat. It...feels weird. :sigh:

We did buy the warranty this time, so MAYBE I'm safe. :fingers crossed:

Now, off to see if U-talk has a free laptop download - SG downloaded the iPad app, and I like it...but the phone is too small to use it on. So....laptop. If they offer it. :nods:

Have a Happy Sabbath!
Tags: tech-y

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