Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's a Monday....

Went to the State Fair today.....$43 just to get the 4 of us in the gate. $15 for parking, and $14/each for SG and me (the kids had "free" tickets, with a $1 off coupon....otherwise, it would have been $15/each for us adults). We got there at 9 and left at was a waste of time/money. Most of the animals were gone, the 1 show that was happening was a Judging Class for college students, and NO observation was allowed......:sigh:

The only cool thing was the Tom Landry exhibit....but it wasn't worth $45.

We did get 7 "free" trees out of it, though.....4 live oak seedlings and 3 Texas cypresses. Let's see if they survive.

Oh- the butter sculpture this year is 2 football players - Texas and OU. Cool! (but still not worth $45!)

The important news, though is about my Jeep. SG called at 8 AM (as instructed)...they couldn't find Libby. He called at 9....they STILL had no clue. At 11, he called AGAIN....they'd found her, but she "was out for dispatch". WTH? She's dead in the water, so how can she be "OUT"????

At 2, they called *me* (not sure why - they had HIS number, and had been speaking to him all day!)....seems some module in the steering column has gone out. $340 (or thereabouts) later, she'll be fixed and ready to go. :sigh: Less than I feared, but...SG has to leave for class at 4, and I really don't think she'll be ready by then.

This whole thing has been a comedy of errors....I just hope this fixes her. We looked at the Jeep display at the, prices have shot up over the past 2 years. Seriously.....$40K for a 4-door Wrangler???? Or.....a Ford F-150 for $50K?????? Outrageous! (And this, after WE bailed 'em out. I....yeah. Way to repay your creditors, dudes!)

I do have photos, but I won't be touching the camera until tomorrow at the earliest. I'm still twitchy around electronics......for some reason. :lol:
Tags: blather

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