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It's PHOTO time!


Previous Entry It's PHOTO time! Oct. 11th, 2010 @ 05:01 pm Next Entry
I know, I said I wasn't gonna do this right now...but I'm gonna be really busy tomorrow, so I went ahead and risked Murphy's shenanigans. Don't complain - YOU get photos of cute critters!

OK, first up, Inara. Her breeder contacted me a few weeks ago, asking for recent photos. I finally got some, and decided to share the best here. :grin:

This is one of my favorite goat photos ever! Himself was just sitting on the "balance beam", and Inara came up for kisses. Dulcenea got jealous...:lol:

She didn't like the "click" of the shutter - I'm glad she didn't decide to come eat the camera! (She actually tried, but I didn't get a photo of that - all you would have seen was her nose. :lol:)

This photo I did for the breeder, to show her confirmation. She's a bit...fat, but she'll burn it off while pregnant. I prefer fat goats to skinny ones, anyway.

And now, what you've been waiting for....I give you, Daisy:

Can you find the filly in that picture? :lol:

She has a lovely head, for a Pintabian, doesn't she? She's also feisty - not in-your-face-friendly like my purebreds. It's gonna be a chore, getting her haltered!

Sweet Geek is still bummed she's not a paint, but......oh, well. She's still a pretty thing, looks like she'll have nice conformation, and her head! (I'm a head-hunter; I'll forgive a lot for a pretty Arabian dish!) She's taller than my purebreds usually are, so I hope she's inherited her mother's size.

Gotta run - I hear the milk-goats calling!
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